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Detail Special Name
 Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (French painter)
 Jean-Hyacinthe Laclotte (French painter, 1766-1829)
 Georges Lacombe , aka Le Nabi sculpteur (French painter, 1868-1916)
 Charles Lacoste (French painter)
 Louis Lafitte (French painter)
 Jean-Jacques Lagrenée , aka Lagrenée the Younger (French painter)
 Louis Jean François Lagrenée , aka Lagrenée the Elder (French painter)
 Laurent de La Hyre (French painter, 1853-1902)
 Gerard de Lairesse (French painter)
 Henri Adolphe Laissement (French painter, 1854-1921)
 Adolphe la Lyre (French painter, 1850-1935)
 Louis-Eugene Lambert (French painter, 1825-1900)
 Emile Charles Lambinet (French painter, 1815-1877)
 Eugene Louis Lami (French painter, 1800-1890)
 Pierre Franc Lamy (French painter)
 Nicolas Lancret (French painter)
 Charles Zacherie Landelle (French painter, 1812-1908)
 Jean-Louis Laneuville (French painter)
 Francois-Louis Lanfant de Metz (French painter)
 Jerome-Martin Langlois (French painter)
 Fernand Lantoine (French painter)
 Louis Auguste Lapito (French painter)
 Charles Lapostolet (French painter, 1824-1890)
 Pierre Laprade (French painter, 1875-1931)
 Nicolas de Largillière (French painter)
 Charles-Philippe Larivière (French painter)
 Camille-Leopold Cabaillot Lassalle (French painter, 1839-?)
 Gaston La Touche (French painter, 1854-1913)
 Achille Laugé (French painter, 1861-1944)
 Georges Laugée (French painter)
 Marie Laurencin (French painter, 1883-1956)
 Henri Laurens (French painter, 1885-1954)
 Jean-Paul Laurens (French painter, 1838-1921)
 Jules Laurens (French painter, 1825-1901)
 Henri Alphonse Laurent-Desrousseaux (French painter, 1862-1906)
 Ernest-Joseph Laurent (French painter, 1859-1929)
 Abel Lauvray (French painter)
 Charles Laval (French painter, 1862-1894)
 Eugene Lavieille (French painter)
 Eugene-Antoine-Samuel Lavielle (French painter, 1820-1889)
 Hippolyte Lazerges (French painter)
 Paul Jean-Baptiste Lazerges (French painter, 1845-1902)
 Henri Lebasque (French painter, 1865-1937)
 Albert Lebourg (French painter, 1849-1928)
 E. Le Bres (French painter)
 Charles Le Brun (French painter)
 Jean Le Clerc (French painter)
 Sébastien-Jacques Leclerc , aka Leclerc des Gobelins (French painter)
 Jean-Jules-Antoine Lecomte du Nouÿ (French painter, 1842-1923)
 Paul Lecomte (French painter)
 Paul Emile Lecomte (French painter)
 Paul Lecuit-Monroy (French painter)
 Pierre Ledart III (French painter)
 Henri Le Fauconnier (French painter, 1881-1946)
 Claude Lefebvre (French painter)
 Jules Joseph Lefebvre (French painter, 1836-1911)
 Robert Lefevre (French painter)
 Leon Legat (French painter, 1869-1937)
 Fernand Léger (French painter, 1881-1955)
 Edy Legrand (French painter)
 Alphonse Legros (French painter, 1837-1911)
 Baron Louis-François Lejeune (French painter)
 Alexander Louis Leloir (French painter)
 Maurice Leloir (French painter, 1853-1940)
 René Lelong (French painter)
 Louis-Joseph Le Lorrain (French painter)
 Jean Lemaire , aka Le Gros Lemaire (French painter, 1922-1977)
 Madeleine Jeanne Lemaire (French painter, 1845-1928)
 Léon-Jules Lemaître (French painter)
 Maurice Lemaitre (French painter)
 Pierre-Charles Le Mettay (French painter)
 Marie-Victoire Lemoine (French painter)
 Jean Le Motte (French painter)
 Franҫois Lemoyne (French painter)
 Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne (French sculptor)
 Edmond Lempereur (French painter)
 Antoine Le Nain (French painter)
 Le Nain Brothers , aka Le Nain Brothers (French painter)
 Mathieu Le Nain (French painter)
 Jules Eugène Lenepveu , aka Jules Eugène Lenepveu Boussaroque de Lafont (French painter)
 Charles-Amable Lenoir (French painter, 1861-1940)
 Jean Le Noir (French painter)
 Paul-Marie Lenoir (French painter)
 Léon Belly , aka Léon Belly (French painter, 1827-1877)
 Francois Lepage (French painter, 1796-1871)
 François Gabriel Guillaume Lepaulle (French painter, 1804-1886)
 Robert Lepeltier (French painter)
 Nicolas Bernard Lépicié (French painter)
 Stanislas Lépine (French painter, 1835-1892)
 Marcel Leprin (French painter)
 Charles Leroux (French painter, 1814-1895)
 Jules Marie Auguste Leroux (French painter, 1871-1954)
 Camille Leroy (French painter)
 Jules Le Roy (French painter)
 Paul-Alexandre-Alfred Leroy (French painter, 1860-1942)
 Stephane Leroy (French painter)
 Henri Le Sidaner (French painter, 1862-1939)
 Adolphe Alexander Lesrel (French painter, 1839-1921)
 Eustache Le Sueur (French painter)
 Henri Victor Lesur (French painter, 1863-1900)
 Jan Le Tavernier (French painter)
 F. Leteurtre (French painter)
 Frederic Louis Leve (French painter)
 André Léveillé (French painter)
 Charles Levier (French painter)
 Maurice Levis (French painter, 1860-1940)
 Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (French painter, 1865-1953)
 Émile Lévy (French painter, 1826-1890)
 Henri Léopold Lévy (French painter, 1840-1904)
 Léon Augustin Lhermitte (French painter, 1844-1925)
 André Lhote (French painter, 1885-1962)
 Roger Limouse (French painter)
 Jacques Linard (French painter)
 Frédéric Théodore Lix , aka Théodore Lix (French painter)
 Maurice Lobre (French painter)
 Timoléon Marie Lobrichon (French painter, 1831-1914)
 Alexander François Loemans (French painter)
 Gustave Loiseau (French painter, 1865-1935)
 Raoul Mercherat de Longpre (French painter, 1843-1911)
 Robert Lotiron (French painter)
 Louis IX , aka Saint Louis (French king)
 Séraphine Louis , aka Séraphine de Senlis (French painter)
 Louis VI , aka Louis the Fat (French king, 1081-1137)
 Louis VII , aka Louis the Young (French king)
 Louis VIII , aka Louis the Lion (French king, 1187-1226)
 Louis X , aka Louis the Quarreler (French king)
 Louis XI , aka Louis the Prudent (French king)
 Louis XII (French king)
 Louis XIV , aka Louis the Great/The Sun King (French king)
 Leo Louppe (French painter)
 Philippe-Jacques de Loutherbourg (French painter)
 B. Lubin de Beauvais , aka Gabriel De Laumont (French painter)
 Auger Lucas (French painter)
 Marie Lucas-Robiquet (French painter)
 Maximilien Luce (French painter, 1858-1941)
 Jean van Marcke de Lummen (French painter)
 Jean Lurçat (French painter)