The Athenaeum - Displaying French people
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Detail Special Name
 Noel Hallé (French painter)
 André Hambourg (French painter)
 Adrien Harmand (French painter)
 Henri-Joseph Harpignies , aka Henri Harpignies (French painter, 1819-1916)
 Jean-Jacques Hauer (French painter)
 Louis Hayet (French painter, 1864-1940)
 Ernest Hébert , aka Antoine Auguste Ernest Hébert (French painter)
 Ferdinand Heilbuth (French painter, 1826-1889)
 François Joseph Heim (French painter, 1787-1865)
 Paul César Helleu (French painter, 1859-1927)
 Jean-Jacques Henner (French painter, 1829-1905)
 Narcisse Henocque (French painter)
 Henry I (French king)
 Henry II , aka Henry Curtmantle/Henry FitzEmpress/Henry Plantagenet (French king)
 Henry II (French king)
 Auguste Herbin (French painter, 1882-1960)
 Leon Herbo (French painter, 1850-1907)
 Marcel René Herrfeldt (French painter)
 Leo Herrmann (French painter)
 Louis Hersent (French painter, 1777-1860)
 Jules Rene Herve (French painter)
 Adolphe Hervier (French painter, 1818-1879)
 Jacquemart de Hesdin (French painter)
 George Hetzel (French painter, 1826-1899)
 Marie-Félix Hippolyte-Lucas (French painter)
 Rene-Charles-Edmund His (French painter)
 Charles Hoffbauer (French painter, 1875-1957)
 Blanche Hoschedé-Monet (French painter)
 Edouard Jean Marie Hostein (French painter, 1804-1889)
 René-Antoine Houasse (French painter)
 Frederic-Anatole Houbron (French painter, 1851-1908)
 Léon-Charles Huber (French painter)
 Emile Auguste Hublin (French painter, 1830-1891)
 Jean-Baptiste Huet (French painter)
 Paul Huet (French painter, 1803-1869)
 Victor Huguet (French painter)
 Victor Pierre Huguet (French painter)