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Detail Special Name
 Leon Scott Dabo (French painter, 1865-1960)
 Laurent Dabos (French painter)
 Theodore Scott Dabo (French painter, 1865-1928)
 Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret (French painter, 1852-1929)
 Albert Dagnaux (French painter)
 Theodore Caruelle d Aligny (French painter, 1798-1871)
 Edouard-Jean Dambourgez (French painter, 1844-1890)
 Pierre-Emmanuel Damoye (French painter, 1847-1916)
 Henri-Camille Danger (French painter, 1857-1937)
 Henri-Pierre Danloux (French painter)
 Alice Dannenberg (French painter)
 Edouard-Joseph Dantan (French painter, 1848-1897)
 Paul Joseph Victor Dargaud (French painter, 1873-1921)
 Andre Henri Dargelas (French painter, 1828-1906)
 Henri Gaston Darien (French painter, 1864-1926)
 Andrew Dasburg (French painter)
 Charles François Daubigny (French painter, 1817-1878)
 Karl-Pierre Daubigny (French painter, 1846-1886)
 André Dauchez (French painter)
 Honoré Daumier (French painter, 1808-1879)
 Adrien Dauzats (French painter)
 Jacques-Louis David (French painter, 1748-1825)
 Edouard Bernard Debat-Ponsan (French painter, 1847-1913)
 Ines de Beauford (French painter)
 Pierre de Belay (French painter)
 Juan de Borgona , aka Jean de Bourgogne (French painter)
 Horace de Callais (French painter)
 Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps (French painter)
 Louis de Caullery (French painter)
 Marc Decoster (French painter)
 Jean Decourt , aka Jehan De Court (French painter)
 Alfred de Dreux (French painter, 1810-1860)
 Pierre Joseph Dedreux-Dorcy (French painter)
 Alexandre Defaux (French painter)
 Georges de Feure , aka Georges Joseph van Sluÿters (French painter, 1868-1928)
 Edgar Degas (French painter, 1834-1917)
 Victor DeGrailly (French painter, 1804-1889)
 Alfred Dehodencq (French painter)
 Francois-Louis Dejuinne (French painter, 1786-1844)
 Henri Delaborde (French painter, 1811-1899)
 William Delacour (French painter)
 Eugène Delacroix (French painter, 1798-1863)
 Alexis Auguste Delahogue (French painter)
 Henri-Horace Roland Delaporte (French painter)
 Paul Delaroche (French painter, 1797-1856)
 Georges de la Tour (French painter)
 Maurice Quentin de La Tour (French painter)
 Joseph Delattre (French painter)
 Fernand de Launay (French painter, 1800-?)
 Jules-Élie Delaunay (French painter)
 Robert Delaunay (French painter, 1885-1941)
 Etienne Delaune (French painter)
 Henri DeLavallée (French painter, 1862-1943)
 Emmanuel de la Villéon (French painter)
 Auguste Joseph Delessard (French painter)
 Adolphe-Alexandre Delestre (French painter)
 Francois Alfred Delobbe (French painter, 1835-1920)
 Paul De Longpre (French painter, 1855-1911)
 Raoul de Longpre (French painter, 1859-1911)
 Paul M. DeLongpre (French painter, 1847-1911)
 Raphael Delorme (French painter)
 Charles-Edouard Delort (French painter, 1841-1895)
 Hippolyte-Camille Delpy (French painter, 1842-1910)
 Jean-Louis Demarne (French painter)
 Philippe de Mazerolle (French painter)
 Georges-Daniel de Monfreid (French painter, 1856-1929)
 Virginie Demont-Breton (French painter, 1859-1935)
 Bernard de Monvel (French painter)
 Gabriel-Charles Deneux (French painter, 1856-1926)
 Maurice Denis (French painter, 1870-1943)
 jules Denneulin (French painter)
 Francois De Nome (French painter)
 Angèle Blanche Denvil (French painter, 1874-1934)
 Auguste de Pinelli (French painter, 1823-1914)
 Nicolas de Plattemontagne (French painter)
 André Derain (French painter, 1880-1954)
 Marcellin Desboutin (French painter)
 Louis Marie de Schryver (French painter, 1862-1942)
 Blaise Alexandre Desgoffe (French painter, 1830-1901)
 Eugene Deshayes (French painter)
 Jean-Baptiste Deshays de Colleville (French painter)
 Georges d'Espagnat (French painter, 1870-1950)
 François Desportes (French painter)
 Édouard Detaille , aka Jean-Baptiste Édouard Detaille (French painter, 1848-1912)
 Léon Detroy (French painter)
 André Devambez (French painter)
 Eugene Deveria (French painter, 1808-1865)
 Theophile-Louise Deyrolle (French painter, 1844-1915)
 Emile Alfred Dezaunay (French painter)
 Narcisse Dìaz de la Peña (French painter, 1807-1876)
 Jules Didier (French painter, 1831-1892)
 Luc Didier (French painter)
 Étienne Nasreddine Dinet (French painter, 1861-1929)
 Jean Discart (French painter)
 Édouard Doigneau (French painter)
 Jean-Gabriel Domergue (French painter)
 Jeanne Donnadieu (French painter, 1864-?)
 Gustave Doré (French painter, 1832-1883)
 Michel Dorigny (French painter, 1806-1880)
 Alfred d'Orsay (French painter)
 Gustave Doyen (French painter, 1837-?)
 Jean Drevon (French painter)
 Louise-Adéone Drölling (French painter)
 Martin Drölling (French painter)
 Michel-Martin Drolling (French painter)
 François-Hubert Drouais (French painter)
 Jean-Germain Drouais (French painter)
 Paul Élie Dubois (French painter)
 Albert Dubois-Pillet (French painter, 1846-1890)
 Antoine Dubost (French painter)
 Charles Dubreuil (French painter, 1828-1880)
 Claude Marie Paul Dubufe (French painter)
 Edouard Louis Dubufe (French painter)
 Jean Dubuffet (French painter)
 Jean Ducamps (French painter)
 Marcel Duchamp (French painter, 1887-1968)
 Suzanne Duchamp (French painter)
 Raymond Duchamp-Villon (French sculptor)
 Joseph Ducreux (French painter)
 Rose-Adelaide Ducreux (French painter)
 Ernst-Ange Duez (French painter, 1843-1896)
 Jules Dufaux (French painter)
 Jacques-Edouard Dufeu (French painter, 1836-1900)
 Georges Dufrenoy (French painter)
 Charles Dufresne (French painter)
 Charles-Alphonse Dufresnoy (French painter)
 Jean Dufy (French painter, 1888-1964)
 Raoul Dufy (French painter, 1877-1953)
 Raoul du Gardier (French painter)
 Gaspard Dughet (French painter, 1615-1675)
 Henri Duhem (French painter)
 Hippolyte F. Leon Duluard (French painter)
 Daniel Dumonstier (French painter)
 Etienne Dumonstier (French painter)
 Alexandre-Hyacinthe Dunouy (French painter, 1757-1841)
 Andre Dunoyer de Segonzac (French painter, 1884-1974)
 Edmond-Louis Dupain (French painter, 1847-1870)
 Jean Dupas (French painter)
 George Du Plessis (French painter)
 Jules Dupré (French painter, 1811-1889)
 Julien Dupré (French painter, 1861-1910)
 Leon Victor Dupre (French painter, 1816-1879)
 Georges Dupuis (French painter, 1875-1932)
 Paul Michel Dupuy (French painter)
 Paul Duqueylard (French painter)
 Jean-Baptiste-Henri Durand-Brager (French painter, 1814-1879)
 Gaston Jules Louis Durel (French painter)
 Alfred Durieux (French painter)
 Antoine Dury (French painter)
 Henri Joseph Constant Dutilleux (French painter)
 Théophile-Emmanuel Duverger (French painter, 1821-1901)
 Paul Duvergne (French painter)
 Henri Duvieux (French painter)
 Marcel Dyf (French painter)
 Edmond Dyonnet (French painter, 1859-1954)