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Detail Special Name
 Pierre Henry Prosper Baccuet , aka Prosper Baccuet (French painter)
 Claude Joseph Bail (French painter, 1862-1921)
 Franck Antoine Bail (French painter, 1858-1924)
 Marcel Bain (French painter)
 Jules Frederic Ballavoine (French painter, 1855-1901)
 Andre Barbier (French painter)
 Charles Bargue (French painter)
 Henry Charles Antoine Baron (French painter, 1816-1885)
 Felix Joseph Barrias (French painter)
 Francois Barry (French painter, 1813-1905)
 Antoine-Louis Barye (French sculptor)
 Jean-Désiré Bascoules (French painter)
 Jules Bastien-Lepage (French painter, 1848-1884)
 Eugène Battaille (French painter)
 André Bauchant (French painter)
 Jean-Frank Baudoin (French painter)
 Pierre Antoine Baudouin (French painter)
 Paul Baudry (French painter)
 Lubin Baugin (French painter)
 Jacques Baugnies (French painter, 1874-1925)
 Jean Frederic Bazille (French painter, 1841-1870)
 Jacques-Antoine Beaufort (French painter)
 Wilfrid Constant Beauquesne (French painter, 1847-1913)
 Georges Becker (French painter)
 Edmond Joseph Béliard (French painter)
 Joseph Louis Hippolyte Bellangé (French painter)
 Jacques Bellange (French painter)
 Camille-Félix Bellanger (French painter, 1853-1923)
 Alexis-Simon Belle (French painter)
 Marcel Belle (French painter)
 Numa Marzocchi de Belluci (French painter, 1846-1930)
 Marie-Guillemine Benoist (French painter, 1768-1826)
 François-Léon Benouville (French painter, 1821-1859)
 Jean-Achille Benouville (French painter, 1815-1891)
 Christian Bérard (French painter)
 Jean-Georges Béraud (French painter, 1849-1936)
 Narcisse Berchère (French painter)
 Antoine Berjon (French painter, 1806-1870)
 Émile Bernard (French painter, 1868-1941)
 Joseph Bernard (French painter)
 Etienne-Prosper Berne-Bellecour (French painter, 1838-1910)
 Louis Beroud (French painter, 1852-1930)
 Pierre Berronneau (French painter)
 Jean-Simon Berthélemy (French painter)
 Paul Emile Berthon (French painter)
 Edouard Bertin (French painter, 1797-1871)
 Jean-Victor Bertin (French painter)
 Roger Bertin (French painter)
 Émile Bertrand (French painter)
 Paul Albert Besnard (French painter, 1849-1934)
 Pancrace Bessa (French painter)
 Raymond Besse (French painter)
 Francois-Auguste Biard (French painter)
 Jean-Joseph-Xavier Bidauld (French painter, 1758-1846)
 Pierre Billet (French painter)
 Voitler Billney (French painter)
 Emile-Jean-Baptiste-Phillipe Bin (French painter, 1825-1897)
 Victor Binet (French painter)
 Alphonse Birck (French painter)
 Roger Bissière (French painter)
 Edouard Bisson (French painter, 1856-1939)
 Pierre Bittar (French painter)
 Henri Biva (French painter, 1848-1929)
 Marcel Blairat (French painter)
 Antoine Blanchard (French painter)
 Jacques Blanchard (French painter)
 Maria Blanchard (French painter, 1881-1932)
 Jacques-Émile Blanche (French painter, 1861-1942)
 Louis Gabriel Blanchet (French painter)
 Emile-Henri Blanchon (French painter, 1845-?)
 Gaston Blande (French painter)
 Merry-Joseph Blondel (French painter)
 Guillaume Bodinier (French painter)
 Louis-Léopold Boilly (French painter)
 Antoine-Felix Boisselier the Younger (French painter, 1790-1857)
 Émile Boivin (French painter)
 Camille Bombois (French painter)
 Maurice Bompard (French painter, 1857-1936)
 Emile Bonard (French painter, 1868-1941)
 Auguste Bonheur (French painter)
 Rosa Bonheur , aka Marie Rosalie Bonheur (French painter, 1822-1899)
 Pierre Bonnard (French painter, 1867-1947)
 Léon Joseph Florentin Bonnat (French painter, 1833-1922)
 Ernest Courtois de Bonnencontre (French painter)
 François Bonvin (French painter, 1817-1887)
 Léon Bonvin (French painter)
 Jacques-Charles Bordier du Bignon (French painter)
 Frédéric Borgella (French painter)
 Abraham Bosse (French painter)
 Pierre-Louis Bouchard , aka Pierre François Bouchard or Paul Bouchard (French painter)
 François Boucher (French painter, 1703-1770)
 Auguste Bouchet (French painter, 1831-1889)
 Eugène-Louis Boudin (French painter, 1824-1898)
 William Bouguereau (French painter, 1825-1905)
 Étienne Bouhot (French painter)
 Gustave Boulanger (French painter, 1824-1888)
 Bon Boullogne (French painter)
 Louis Boullogne the Elder (French painter)
 Madeleine Boullogne (French painter)
 Louis de Boullogne the Younger (French painter)
 Valentin de Boulogne (French painter)
 Louis Bourbon (French king)
 Émile-Antoine Bourdelle (French sculptor)
 Jean Bourdichon (French painter)
 Sébastien Bourdon (French painter)
 Pierre Bourgogne (French painter)
 Aime-Gabriel-Adolphe Bourgoin (French painter, 1824-?)
 Charles Edouard Boutibonne (French painter, 1816-1897)
 Henry Bouvet (French painter, 1859-1945)
 Maurice Bouviolle (French painter)
 André Bouys (French painter)
 Joseph Boze (French painter)
 Felix Bracquemond (French painter)
 Marie Bracquemond (French painter, 1840-1916)
 Louis Braquaval (French painter)
 Georges Braque (French painter, 1882-1963)
 Jacques-Raymond Brascassat (French painter, 1804-1867)
 André Brasilier (French painter)
 Nicolas-Guy Brenet (French painter)
 Germain Fabius Brest (French painter, 1823-1900)
 André Breton (French painter)
 Emile Breton (French painter)
 Jules-Adolphe Breton (French painter, 1827-1906)
 Maurice Brianchon (French painter)
 Pierre-Nicolas Brisset (French painter)
 Felix Saturnin Brissot de Warville (French painter)
 Constant Joseph Brochart (French painter, 1816-1899)
 Jean Broc (French painter)
 Henriette Browne (French painter, 1829-1901)
 John Lewis Brown (French painter)
 Alfred Brunel de Neuville (French painter)
 Guillaume Charles Brun (French painter, 1825-1908)
 Julie J. Buchet (French painter, 1864-1894)
 Bernard Buffet (French painter)
 Jean-Eugène Buland (French painter, 1852-1927)
 Pierre-Isidore Bureau (French painter)
 Joan de Burgunya (French painter)
 Marguerite Burnat-Provins (French painter, 1872-1952)
 Léopold Burthe (French painter, 1878-1966)
 Gaston Bussiere (French painter)
 Georges Louis Charles Busson (French painter)