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Detail Special Name
 Louise Abbéma (French painter, 1858-1927)
 Pierre Abelard , aka Petrus Abaelardus (French poet)
 Abel de Pujol (French painter, 1787-1861)
 Louis Abel-Truchet (French painter, 1857-1918)
 Henri Adam (French painter)
 Louis-Emile Adan (French painter)
 Lucien Adrion (French painter, 1889-1953)
 Alfred-Pierre Agache (French painter, 1843-1915)
 Charles-Jean Agard (French painter)
 Max Agostini (French painter)
 Georgette Agutte (French painter, 1867-1922)
 Edgar-Adrien-Jean Aillet (French painter)
 Marc Aldine , aka Antoine Bouvard Sr (French painter, 1870-1956)
 Yves Alix (French painter)
 Étienne Allegrain (French painter)
 Auguste Allongé (French painter, 1833-1898)
 Alfred Alloy-Rebouet (French painter)
 Edmond-François Aman-Jean (French painter, 1860-1935)
 Eugène-Emmanuel Amaury-Duval (French painter)
 Auguste Paul Charles Anastasi (French painter)
 Sophie Anderson (French painter, 1823-1903)
 Albert André (French painter, 1869-1954)
 Pieter Angellis , aka Peter Angellis (French painter)
 Gaston Vincent Anglade (French painter)
 Charles Angrand , aka Charles Agrand (French painter, 1854-1926)
 Charles Angrand (French painter)
 Louis Anquetin (French painter, 1861-1932)
 Guillaume Apollinaire , aka Guillaume Apollinaire de Kostrowitzki (French poet)
 Jacques Barthélemy Appian , aka Adolphe Appian (French painter)
 Arman , aka Armand Fernandez (French painter)
 Claude Arnulphy (French painter)
 Jean-François Arrigoni-Neri (French painter)
 Maurice Asselin (French painter)
 Zacharie Astruc (French painter)
 Jane Atché (French painter)
 Jean-Michel Atlan (French painter)
 Jean Aubery (French painter)
 Albert Aublet (French painter)
 Étienne Aubry (French painter)
 Jean-Francis Auburtin (French painter)
 Claude Audran (II) (French painter)
 Jacques-André-Joseph Aved (French painter)
 Joseph-Marius Avy (French painter)