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Detail Special Name
 Francois Etienne Musin (Belgian painter, 1820-1888)
 Frans Mortelmans (Belgian painter)
 Georges Morren (Belgian painter, 1868-1941)
 Jenny Montigny (Belgian painter, 1875-1937)
 Constant Montald (Belgian painter, 1862-1944)
 Joos de Momper the Younger (Belgian painter)
 Wouterus Mol (Belgian painter)
 Robert Charles Gustave Laurens Mols (Belgian painter, 1848-1903)
 Jan Miel (Belgian painter)
 Constantin Meunier (Belgian painter, 1831-1905)
 Quentin Metsys , aka Quinten Matsys or Massys (Belgian painter)
 Xavier Mellery (Belgian painter, 1845-1921)
 Master of the legend of St Ursula (Belgian painter)
 Master of the Embroidered Foliage (Belgian painter)
 Master of 1518 (Belgian painter)
 Jan Massys (Belgian painter)
 Cornelis Massys , aka Corneille Metsys (Belgian painter)
 Frans Masereel (Belgian painter)
 Auguste Mambour (Belgian painter)
 Hubert Malfait (Belgian painter)
 René Magritte (Belgian painter, 1898-1967)
 Jan Baptiste Lodewyck Maes (Belgian painter, 1794-1856)
 Eugène Rémy Maes (Belgian painter)
 John Baptiste Madou (Belgian painter)