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Detail Special Name
 Guy Cambier (Belgian painter)
 Nestor Cambier (Belgian painter)
 Jean Capeinick (Belgian painter, 1838-1890)
 Jacques Francois Carabain (Belgian painter, 1834-1892)
 Max Carlier (Belgian painter, 1872-1928)
 Jean Carolus (Belgian painter, 1840-1897)
 √Čvariste Carpentier (Belgian painter)
 Anto Carte (Belgian painter)
 Pieter Casteels (Belgian painter)
 Frantz Charlet (Belgian painter, 1862-1928)
 Constant Guillaume Claes (Belgian painter)
 Godefroid de Claire , aka Godefroid de Huy (Belgian sculptor)
 Emil Claus (Belgian painter, 1849-1924)
 Paul Jean Clays (Belgian painter)
 Paul-Jean Clays (Belgian painter, 1819-1900)
 Henry Cleenewerck (Belgian painter)
 Louis Clesse (Belgian painter)
 Andr√© Cluysenaar (Belgian painter)
 Pieter Coecke van Aelst (Belgian painter)
 Jean Henri de Coene (Belgian painter)
 Jan David Col (Belgian painter)
 Pierre Olivier Joseph Coomans (Belgian painter, 1816-1889)
 Gonzales Coques (Belgian painter)
 Georges Creten (Belgian painter)
 Georges Croegaert (Belgian painter, 1848-1923)
 Dominicus Custos (Belgian painter)