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Detail Special Name
 Francis Campbell Bolleau (F.C.B.) Cadell (Scottish painter, 1883-1937)
 James Cadenhead (Scottish painter)
 Sir David Young Cameron, RA (Scottish painter)
 Hugh Cameron R.S.A., R.W.S. (Scottish painter, 1835-1918)
 Kate Cameron (Scottish painter, 1873-1965)
 Mary Cameron (Scottish painter, 1865-1921)
 Thomas Campbell (Scottish painter, 1790-1858)
 Tom Campbell (Scottish painter)
 Alexander Carse (Scottish painter)
 James Howe Carse (Scottish painter)
 George Chalmers (Scottish painter)
 George Paul Chalmers (Scottish painter)
 Hector Chalmers (Scottish painter)
 James Elder Christie (Scottish painter)
 William Hanna Clarke (Scottish painter, 1882-1924)
 William H. Clark (Scottish painter)
 William Cochrane (Scottish painter)
 William Cochran (Scottish painter)
 Gordon Coutts (Scottish painter, 1868-1937)
 Robert McGown Coventry (Scottish painter)
 James Hall Cranstoun (Scottish painter)
 Edmund Thurnton Crawford (Scottish painter)
 Robert Cree Crawford (Scottish painter)
 Joseph Crawhall (Scottish painter, 1861-1913)
 William Crozier (Scottish painter)
 William Skeoch Cumming (Scottish painter)
 Thomas Curr (Scottish painter)