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Detail Special Name
 George Bain (Scottish painter)
 Edward Baird (Scottish painter)
 John James Bannaatyne (Scottish painter)
 Charles Bell (Scottish painter)
 John Zephaniah Bell (Scottish painter)
 Thomas Bromley Blacklock (Scottish painter, 1863-1903)
 Muirhead Bone (Scottish painter)
 William Bonnar (Scottish painter)
 Robert Brough (Scottish painter, 1872-1905)
 Thomas Austen Brown (Scottish painter)
 William Beattie Brown (Scottish painter)
 William Marshall Brown, R.S.A. R.S.W. (Scottish painter, 1863-1936)
 William Bruce Senior (Scottish painter)
 Robert Bryden (Scottish painter)
 William Brymner (Scottish painter, 1855-1925)
 Thomas Bunting (Scottish painter)
 James M. Burnet (Scottish painter)
 John Burnet (Scottish painter)
 Robert Burns (Scottish painter)
 John Burr (Scottish painter)