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Detail Special Name
 Edwin Austin Abbey (American painter, 1852-1911)
 Maria J. C. a'Becket (American painter)
 Lucien Abrams (American painter)
 Mary Achey (American painter, 1832-1886)
 Charles Partridge Adams (American painter, 1858-1942)
 John Adams, jr. (American miscellaneous title)
 John Ottis Adams (American painter, 1851-1927)
 John Quincy Adams (American miscellaneous title)
 Kenneth Miller Adams (American painter)
 Wayman E. Adams (American painter, 1883-1959)
 Willis Seaver Adams (American painter, 1844-1921)
 Winifred Brady Adams (American painter, 1871-1955)
 Woodhull Adams (American painter, 1854-1921)
 Wilbur Adam (American painter)
 William Adam (American painter, 1846-1931)
 Clifford Addams (American painter)
 Henry Hammond Ahl (American painter, 1869-1953)
 George Charles Aid (American painter)
 Louis Akin (American painter, 1868-1913)
 Ernest Albert (American painter)
 John B. Alberts (American painter, 1886-1931)
 Adam Emory Albright (American painter, 1862-1957)
 Ivan le Lorraine Albright (American painter)
 James Madison Alden (American painter, 1834-1922)
 Georges Ames Aldrich (American painter, 1872-1941)
 Francesca Alexander (American painter, 1837-1917)
 Francis Alexander (American painter, 1800-1881)
 Henry Alexander (American painter, 1860-1894)
 John White Alexander (American painter, 1856-1915)
 Marion Boyd Allen (American painter, 1862-1941)
 Thomas Allen (American painter, 1849-1924)
 William T. Allen (American painter, 1810-1854)
 William Sullivant Vanderbilt Allen (American painter)
 Washington Allston (American painter, 1779-1843)
 Mathias J. Alten (American painter, 1871-1938)
 Abraham Archibald Anderson (American painter)
 Franklin Anderson (American painter)
 Karl Anderson (American painter, 1874-1956)
 Lennart Anderson (American painter, 1928-?)
 Ruth A. Anderson (American painter)
 Victor Coleman Anderson (American painter)
 Carl Andre (American sculptor)
 Andrew Jackson (American miscellaneous title, 1767-1845)
 Eliphalet Frazer Andrews (American painter, 1835-1915)
 Anthony Angarola (American painter, 1893-1929)
 Thomas P. Anshutz (American painter, 1851-1912)
 Richard Anuskiewicz (American painter)
 Charles P. Appel (American painter)
 Frank Applegate (American painter)
 Isaac Ardis (American painter)
 William Weaver Armstrong (American painter, 1862-1906)
 John Charles Arter , aka J. Charles Arter (American painter, 1860-1923)
 Chester Alan Arthur , aka Chester A. Arthur (American miscellaneous title)
 Stanley Arthurs (American painter)
 Henry Ary (American painter, 1802-1859)
 Clifford Warren Ashley (American painter)
 Clyde Aspevig (American painter)
 John Atherton (American painter)
 Caroline Atkinson (American painter, 1871-1945)
 John Woodhouse Audubon (American painter, 1812-1862)
 John James Audubon (American painter, 1785-1851)
 George Copeland Ault (American painter, 1891-1948)
 Amanda Petronella Austin (American painter, 1859-1917)
 Ben Austrian (American painter, 1870-1921)
 Milton Avery (American painter)
 Thomas Almond Ayers (American painter, 1816-1858)