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Detail Special Name
 Edwin Austin Abbey (American painter, 1852-1911)
 Maria J. C. a'Becket (American painter)
 Lucien Abrams (American painter)
 Mary Achey (American painter, 1832-1886)
 Charles Partridge Adams (American painter, 1858-1942)
 John Adams, jr. (American miscellaneous title)
 John Ottis Adams (American painter, 1851-1927)
 John Quincy Adams (American miscellaneous title)
 Kenneth Miller Adams (American painter)
 Wayman E. Adams (American painter, 1883-1959)
 Willis Seaver Adams (American painter, 1844-1921)
 Winifred Brady Adams (American painter, 1871-1955)
 Woodhull Adams (American painter, 1854-1921)
 Wilbur Adam (American painter)
 William Adam (American painter, 1846-1931)
 Clifford Addams (American painter)
 Henry Hammond Ahl (American painter, 1869-1953)
 George Charles Aid (American painter)
 Louis Akin (American painter, 1868-1913)
 Ernest Albert (American painter)
 John B. Alberts (American painter, 1886-1931)
 Adam Emory Albright (American painter, 1862-1957)
 Ivan le Lorraine Albright (American painter)
 James Madison Alden (American painter, 1834-1922)
 George Ames Aldrich (American painter, 1872-1941)
 Francesca Alexander (American painter, 1837-1917)
 Francis Alexander (American painter, 1800-1881)
 Henry Alexander (American painter, 1860-1894)
 John White Alexander (American painter, 1856-1915)
 Marion Boyd Allen (American painter, 1862-1941)
 Thomas Allen (American painter, 1849-1924)
 William T. Allen (American painter, 1810-1854)
 William Sullivant Vanderbilt Allen (American painter)
 Washington Allston (American painter, 1779-1843)
 Mathias J. Alten (American painter, 1871-1938)
 Mabel Alvarez (American painter)
 American School 19th Century - Unknown (American painter)
 Abraham Archibald Anderson (American painter)
 Franklin Anderson (American painter)
 Karl Anderson (American painter, 1874-1956)
 Lennart Anderson (American painter, 1928-?)
 Ruth A. Anderson (American painter)
 Victor Coleman Anderson (American painter)
 Carl Andre (American sculptor)
 Andrew Jackson (American miscellaneous title, 1767-1845)
 Eliphalet Frazer Andrews (American painter, 1835-1915)
 Anthony Angarola (American painter, 1893-1929)
 Thomas P. Anshutz (American painter, 1851-1912)
 John Antrobus (American painter)
 Richard Anuskiewicz (American painter)
 Charles P. Appel (American painter)
 Frank Applegate (American painter)
 Allan d'Arcangelo (American painter)
 Isaac Ardis (American painter)
 William Weaver Armstrong (American painter, 1862-1906)
 John Charles Arter , aka J. Charles Arter (American painter, 1860-1923)
 Chester Alan Arthur , aka Chester A. Arthur (American miscellaneous title)
 Stanley Arthurs (American painter)
 Henry Ary (American painter, 1802-1859)
 Clifford Warren Ashley (American painter)
 Clyde Aspevig (American painter)
 John Atherton (American painter)
 Caroline Atkinson (American painter, 1871-1945)
 John Woodhouse Audubon (American painter, 1812-1862)
 John James Audubon (American painter, 1785-1851)
 George Copeland Ault (American painter, 1891-1948)
 Amanda Petronella Austin (American painter, 1859-1917)
 Ben Austrian (American painter, 1870-1921)
 Milton Avery (American painter)
 Thomas Almond Ayers (American painter, 1816-1858)