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Detail Special Name
 Frank Grant Faed
 Bessie Maud Christian Fagan
 George Fall
 John Fairbairn Fannen
 Alice Maude Fanner
 Robert B. Farren
 Hilda Fearon
 James Fellowes
 Claude Lorraine Ferneley
 Benjamin Ferrers
 Paula Fischer
 Samuel Melton Fisher
 William Fisk
 Frederick R. Fitzgerald
 John B. Fleming
 Edward Henry Eugene Fletcher
 Charles W. Fliess
 Marmaduke C. William Flower
 Henry John Foley
 Frederick Francis Foottet
 Johnstone Forbes-Robertson
 Vivian Forbes
 Henry Justice Ford
 Wolfram Onslow Ford
 Edwin V. Forrest
 Joseph Wilson Forster
 William Banks Fortescue
 Herbert Wilson Foster
 William Gilbert Foster
 George Algeron Fothergill
 Albert Moulton Foweraker (1873-1942)
 Arthur Wellington Fowles
 Augustus Henry Fox
 Charles James Fox
 Edward Fox
 William Edward Fox
 Meredith Frampton
 John Deffett Francis
 Alexander George Fraser
 John Fraser
 Hugh Frazer
 William Miller Frazer
 William Freeman
 George Augustus Freezor
 Harry Frier
 George Arthur Fripp
 Lucy Marguerite Frobisher
 Isaac Fuller
 Leonard John Fuller
 Samuel Fulton