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Detail Special Name
 Randolph Caldecott
 Adam Callander
 William James Callcott
 Claude Andrew Calthrop
 Duncan Cameron
 Ian Campbell-Gray
 John Hodgson
 Charles William Carey
 George F. Carline
 Ernest Stafford Carlos
 Stewart Carmichael
 Margaret Sarah Carpenter
 Cecilia Carpmael
 Leslie Carr
 Andreas Duncan Carse
 Frank Thomas Carter
 Richard Harry Carter
 William Carter
 James Cassie
 Richard Cattermole
 Henry Cave
 William Benjamin Chamberlin
 William Henry Chambers
 Arthur Edwin Champ
 John Westbrooke Chandler
 Ruben Chappell
 Francis E. Chardon
 George Frederick Chester
 James Patchell Chettle
 Albert Ranney Chewett (1855-1937)
 Thomas Chidgey
 Alexander Christie
 Ernest C Christie
 Thomas Churchyard
 Richard Augustus Clack
 George Clare
 Oliver Clare
 Vincent Clare
 Pollie Clarke
 James Clark
 Joseph Clark
 Octavius T. Clark
 Samuel Joseph Clark
 John Cleveley the Elder
 Isabel Codrington (1874-1943)
 William Menzies Coldstream
 Samuel Colman (1832-1920)
 Edward Theodore Compton
 Philip Connard
 Beryl Cook
 May Louise Greville Cooksey
 John Copley
 Maria Hadfield Cosway
 Horatio Henry Couldery (1832-1893)
 William Henry Crome
 John Currie
 Stanley Cursiter