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Detail Special Name
 Willem van Aelst (Dutch painter)
 Pieter Aertsen (Dutch painter)
 August AllebĂ© (Dutch painter)
 Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema , aka Lourens Alma Tadema (Dutch painter, 1836-1912)
 Denijs van Alsloot (Dutch painter)
 Martinus van Regteren Altena (Dutch painter)
 Jan van Amstel , aka Braunschweiger Monogrammist (Dutch painter)
 Hendrick Andriessen (Dutch painter)
 Hendrick van Anthonissen (Dutch painter)
 Cornelis Anthonisz. (Dutch painter)
 Louis Apol (Dutch painter, 1850-1936)
 Karel Appel (Dutch painter)
 Arent Arentsz. , aka Cabel (Dutch painter)
 Floris Arntzenius (Dutch painter, 1864-1925)
 David Adolph Constant Artz (Dutch painter)
 Pieter Jansz. van Asch (Dutch painter)
 Jan Asselijn (Dutch painter)
 Bartholomeus Assteyn (Dutch painter)
 Balthasar van der Ast (Dutch painter, 1593-1657)
 Barent Avercamp (Dutch painter)
 Hendrick Avercamp , aka De Stomme van Kampen (The Mute from Kampen) (Dutch painter, 1585-1663)