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Detail Special Name
 Alessandro Turchi , aka Alessandro Veronese and 'Orbetto' (Italian painter)
 Cosmè Tura , aka Cosimo Tura (Italian painter)
 Francesco Trombadori (Italian painter)
 Francesco Trevisani (Italian painter)
 Girolamo da Travis the Younger (Italian painter)
 Gaspare Traversi (Italian painter)
 Mario Tozzi (Italian painter)
 Michele Tosini (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Torriglia (Italian painter, 1858-1937)
 Attilio Toro (Italian painter)
 Luca di Tommé (Italian painter)
 Niccolò di Tommaso (Italian painter)
 Apollonio di Giovanni di Tommaso (Italian painter)
 Ludovico Tommasi (Italian painter, 1866-1941)
 Adolfo Tommasi (Italian painter, 1851-1933)
 Virgilio Tojetti (Italian painter)
 Domenico Tojetti (Italian painter, 1806-1892)
 Edoardo Tofano (Italian painter)
 Santi di Tito (Italian painter)
 Ettore Tito (Italian painter, 1859-1941)
 Titian , aka Tiziano Vecellio (Italian painter, 1485-1576)
 Guido Tirozzo (Italian painter)
 Cesare Tiratelli (Italian painter, 1864-1933)
 Aurelio Tiratelli (Italian painter, 1839-1900)
 Jacopo Tintoretto (Italian painter)
 Domenico Tintoretto , aka Robusti (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (Italian painter)
 Giandomenico Tiepolo (Italian painter, 1818-1888)
 Fulvio Tessitore (Italian painter)
 Enrico Tarenghi (Italian painter)
 Filippo Tarchiani (Italian painter)
 Cesare Tallone (Italian painter, 1853-1919)
 Raffaele Tafuri (Italian painter)
 Andrea Taernier (Italian painter)