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Detail Special Name
 Alessandro Lupo (Italian painter)
 Bernardino Luini (Italian painter)
 Giorgio Lucchesi (Italian painter, 1855-1941)
 Augusto Lovatti (Italian painter, 1852-1921)
 Lorenzo Lotto (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Loria (Italian painter)
 Bicci di Lorenzo (Italian painter)
 Ugolino Lorenzetti (Italian painter)
 Pietro Lorenzetti (Italian painter)
 Ambrogio Lorenzetti (Italian painter)
 Emilio Longoni (Italian painter)
 Alessandro Longhi (Italian painter)
 Pietro Longhi (Italian painter, 1702-1785)
 Giovanni Domenico Lombardi (Italian painter)
 Francesco Lojacono (Italian painter, 1838-1915)
 Andrea Locatelli (Italian painter)
 Fra Filippo Lippi (Italian painter, 1406-1469)
 Filippino Lippi (Italian painter, 1457-1504)
 Enrico Lionne (Italian painter, 1865-1921)
 Jacopo Ligozzi (Italian painter)
 Antonio Leto (Italian painter, 1844-1913)
 Tito-Giovanni Lessi (Italian painter, 1858-1917)
 Lorenzo Leonbruno (Italian painter)
 Leonardo da Vinci , aka Leonardo da Vinci (Italian painter, 1452-1519)
 Marino Lenci (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Lenardi (Italian painter)
 Silvestro Lega (Italian painter, 1826-1895)
 Alessandro La Volpe (Italian painter)
 Cesare Laurenti (Italian painter)
 Luigi Lanza (Italian painter, 1860-1913)
 Bernardino Lanino (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Langetti (Italian painter)
 Andrea Landini (Italian painter)
 Neroccio de' Landi (Italian painter)
 Gaspare Landi (Italian painter)
 Eugenio Landesio (Italian painter)
 Egisto Lancerotto (Italian painter, 1874-1916)
 Paolo La Commare (Italian painter, 1942-?)
 Vincenzo La Bella (Italian painter)