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Detail Special Name
 Andrea Vaccaro (Italian painter)
 Perino del Vaga , aka Pietro di Giovanni Bonaccorsi (Italian painter)
 Augusto Valli (Italian painter)
 Ottavio Vannini (Italian painter)
 Giorgio Vasari (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Palma il Vecchio (Italian painter)
 Bartolomeo Veneto (Italian painter)
 Domenico Veneziano (Italian painter)
 Lorenzo Veneziano (Italian painter)
 Paolo Veneziano (Italian painter)
 Bonifazio Veronese , aka Bonifazio Veneziano (Italian painter)
 Paolo Veronese , aka Paolo Caliari (Italian painter)
 Achille Vertunni (Italian painter, 1826-1897)
 Umberto Veruda (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Vignali (Italian painter)
 Francesco Vinea (Italian painter, 1845-1902)
 Adolfo Feragutti Visconti (Italian painter)
 Alvise Vivarini , aka Luigi Vivarini (Italian painter)
 Antonio Vivarini (Italian painter)
 Pierto Volpes (Italian painter, 1830-1891)
 Daniele da Volterra , aka Daniele Ricciarelli (Italian painter)