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Detail Special Name
 Andrea Sacchi (Italian painter)
 Master of Saint Francis (Italian painter)
 Paolo Sala (Italian painter, 1859-1924)
 Pietro Saltini (Italian painter)
 Alessandro Salucci (Italian painter)
 Francesco Salviati , aka Francesco de' Rossi (Italian painter)
 Giuliano da Sangallo (Italian sculptor)
 Pio Sanquirico (Italian painter, 1847-1900)
 Rubens Santoro (Italian painter, 1859-1942)
 Carlo Saraceni (Italian painter)
 Andrea del Sarto (Italian painter)
 Giulio Aristide Sartorio (Italian painter, 1860-1932)
 Giovanni Salvi da Sassoferrato , aka Giovanni Salvi (Italian painter)
 Alfonso Savini (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo (Italian painter)
 Bartolomeo Schedoni (Italian painter)
 Andrea Schiavone (Italian painter)
 Felice Schiavoni (Italian painter, 1803-1881)
 Paolo Schiavo , aka di Stefano (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Segantini (Italian painter, 1858-1899)
 Alcide Segoni (Italian painter)
 Jacopo da Sellaio (Italian painter)
 Luigi Selvatico (Italian painter, 1873-1938)
 Gino Severini (Italian painter, 1883-1966)
 Rinaldo da Siena (Italian painter)
 Luca Signorelli (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Signorini (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Signorini (Italian painter, 1857-1932)
 Telemaco Signorini (Italian painter, 1835-1901)
 Ferdinando Silvani (Italian painter)
 Amedeo Simonetti (Italian painter, 1874-1922)
 Ettore Simonetti (Italian painter, 1857-1909)
 Gustavo Simoni (Italian painter, 1846-1926)
 Francesco Simonini (Italian painter)
 Mario Sironi (Italian painter)
 Ardengo Soffici (Italian painter, 1879-1964)
 Andrea Solario (Italian painter)
 Andrea Soldi (Italian painter, 1703-1771)
 Francesco Solimena (Italian painter)
 Raffaello Sorbi (Italian painter, 1844-1931)
 Giovanni Sottocornola (Italian painter, 1855-1917)
 Leonello Spada (Italian painter)
 Armando Spadini (Italian painter, 1883-1925)
 Giovanni Stanchi Dei Fiori , aka Dei Fiori (Italian painter)
 Massimo Stanzione (Italian painter)
 Luigi Steffani (Italian painter)
 Carlo Stragliati (Italian painter, 1868-1925)
 Bernardo Strozzi (Italian painter)