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Detail Special Name
 Andrea Sacchi (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Sacheri (Italian painter)
 Master of Saint Francis (Italian painter)
 Paolo Sala (Italian painter, 1859-1924)
 Pietro Saltini (Italian painter)
 Alessandro Salucci (Italian painter)
 Francesco Salviati , aka Francesco de' Rossi (Italian painter)
 Matteo Sandona (Italian painter)
 Giuliano da Sangallo (Italian sculptor)
 Pio Sanquirico (Italian painter, 1847-1900)
 Giovanni Santi (Italian painter)
 Rubens Santoro (Italian painter, 1859-1942)
 Master of San Torpè (Italian painter)
 Carlo Saraceni (Italian painter)
 Andrea del Sarto , aka Andrea d'Agnolo di Francesco di Luca di Paolo del Migliore (Italian painter)
 Giulio Aristide Sartorio (Italian painter, 1860-1932)
 Giovanni Salvi da Sassoferrato , aka Giovanni Salvi (Italian painter)
 Alfonso Savini (Italian painter)
 Alberto Savinio (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo (Italian painter)
 Dalmasio Scannabecchi (Italian painter)
 Bartolomeo Schedoni (Italian painter)
 Andrea Schiavone (Italian painter)
 Felice Schiavoni (Italian painter, 1803-1881)
 Paolo Schiavo , aka di Stefano (Italian painter)
 Pietro Scopetta (Italian painter)
 Pietro Scoppetta (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Segantini (Italian painter, 1858-1899)
 Alcide Segoni (Italian painter)
 Jacopo da Sellaio (Italian painter)
 Lino Selvatico (Italian painter)
 Luigi Selvatico (Italian painter, 1873-1938)
 Giovanni Serodine (Italian painter)
 Gino Severini (Italian painter, 1883-1966)
 Rinaldo da Siena (Italian painter)
 Luca Signorelli (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Signorini (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Signorini (Italian painter, 1857-1932)
 Telemaco Signorini (Italian painter, 1835-1901)
 Ferdinando Silvani (Italian painter)
 Amedeo Simonetti (Italian painter, 1874-1922)
 Ettore Simonetti (Italian painter, 1857-1909)
 Gustavo Simoni (Italian painter, 1846-1926)
 Francesco Simonini (Italian painter)
 Mario Sironi (Italian painter)
 Ardengo Soffici (Italian painter, 1879-1964)
 Andrea Solario (Italian painter)
 Andrea Soldi (Italian painter, 1703-1771)
 Francesco Solimena (Italian painter)
 Raffaello Sorbi (Italian painter, 1844-1931)
 Giovanni Sottocornola (Italian painter, 1855-1917)
 Leonello Spada (Italian painter)
 Armando Spadini (Italian painter, 1883-1925)
 Louis Sparre (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Stanchi Dei Fiori , aka Dei Fiori (Italian painter)
 Massimo Stanzione (Italian painter)
 Luigi Steffani (Italian painter)
 Carlo Stragliati (Italian painter, 1868-1925)
 Master of the Straus Madonna (Italian painter)
 Carlo Striccoli (Italian painter)
 Bernardo Strozzi (Italian painter)