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Detail Special Name
 Vincenzo Pacetti (Italian sculptor)
 Gregorio Pagani (Italian painter)
 Luigi Pagan (Italian painter)
 Gioacchino Pagliei (Italian painter, 1852-1896)
 Pietro Pajetta (Italian painter)
 Filippo Palizzi (Italian painter, 1818-1899)
 Giuseppe Palizzi (Italian painter, 1812-1888)
 Nicola Palizzi (Italian painter)
 Marco Palmezzano (Italian painter)
 Ruggero Panerai (Italian painter, 1862-1923)
 Giovanni Paolo Panini (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Panza (Italian painter)
 Antonio Paoletti (Italian painter, 1833-1912)
 Pietro Paolini (Italian painter)
 Luca Papaluca (Italian painter)
 Francesco Paolo Parisi (Italian painter)
 Parmigianino (Italian painter)
 Alberto Pasini (Italian painter, 1826-1899)
 Bartolomeo Passarotti (Italian painter)
 Tiburzio Passarotti (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini (Italian painter)
 Tito Pellicciotti (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Pennasilico (Italian painter)
 Luigi Persico (Italian sculptor)
 Charles Edward Perugini (Italian painter, 1839-1918)
 Perugino , aka Pietro Vannucci (Italian painter, 1445-1523)
 Francesco Pesellino , aka di Stefano (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Piazzetta (Italian painter)
 Andrea Piccinelli , aka Andrea del Brescianino (Italian painter)
 Giovanni di Pietro , aka Lo Spagna (Italian painter)
 Sano di Pietro (Italian painter)
 Heinz Pinggera (Italian painter)
 Marco Pino (Italian painter)
 Pinturicchio , aka Bernardo di Betto (Italian painter)
 Bernardino Pinturicchio (Italian painter)
 Domenico Piola (Italian painter)
 Sebastiano del Piombo (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Piranesi (Italian painter)
 Pisanello (Italian painter)
 Andrea Pisano , aka Andrea de Pontedera (Italian sculptor)
 Giovanni Pisano (Italian sculptor)
 Nicola Pisano , aka Nicola de Apulia (Italian sculptor)
 Mario Pobbiati (Italian painter)
 Antonio del Pollaiuolo (Italian painter)
 Piero Pollaiuolo (Italian painter)
 Giovanni dal Ponte , aka Giovanni di Marco (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Pontormo , aka Jacopo Carucci (Italian painter)
 Paolo Porpora (Italian painter)
 Carlo Portelli da Loro (Italian painter, 1510-1574)
 Luca Postiglione (Italian painter)
 Salvatore Postiglione (Italian painter)
 Andrea Pozzo (Italian painter)
 Enrico Prampolini (Italian painter)
 Ada Pratella (Italian painter)
 Attilio Pratella (Italian painter, 1856-1949)
 Fausto Pratella (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis (Italian painter)
 Mattia Preti (Italian painter)
 Gaetano Previati (Italian painter, 1852-1920)
 Andrea Previtali (Italian painter)
 Camillo Procaccini (Italian painter)
 Angelo Puccinelli (Italian painter)
 Antonio Puccinelli (Italian painter, 1822-1897)
 Mario Puccini (Italian painter, 1869-1920)
 Scipione Pulzone (Italian painter)