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Detail Special Name
 Giuseppe Gabani (Italian painter, 1846-1899)
 Pietro Gabrini (Italian painter, 1865-1926)
 Agnolo Gaddi (Italian painter)
 Taddeo Gaddi (Italian painter)
 Fede Galizia (Italian painter)
 Gaetano Gandolfi (Italian painter)
 Ubaldo Gandolfi (Italian painter)
  Antonio Gargiullo (Italian painter)
 Il Garofalo , aka Benvenuto Tisi (Italian painter)
 Giovanna Garzoni (Italian painter)
 Leonardo Gasser (Italian painter)
 Benedetto Gennari the Younger (Italian painter)
 Artemisia Gentileschi (Italian painter, 1593-1652)
 Orazio Gentileschi (Italian painter, 1563-1639)
 Oscar Ghiglia (Italian painter, 1876-1945)
 Domenico Ghirlandaio (Italian painter, 1449-1494)
 Giuseppe Ghislandi (Italian painter)
 Michele Giambono (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Giani (Italian painter, 1866-1937)
 Girolamo Gianni (Italian painter, 1837-1895)
 Corrado Giaquinto (Italian painter, 1863-1955)
 Giacinto Gigante (Italian painter, 1806-1876)
 Francesco Gioli (Italian painter)
 Luca Giordano , aka Luca Fà-presto (Italian painter)
 Francesco di Giorgio Martini , aka Francesco Sanese (Italian painter)
 Giorgione , aka Giorgio da Castelfranco (Italian painter)
 Michele Giorigiani (Italian painter)
 Giotto di Bondone (Italian painter, 1267-1337)
 Palma Giovane (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Antonio Capello (Italian painter)
 Benvenuto di Giovanni (Italian painter)
 Matteo di Giovanni (Italian painter)
 Serodine Giovanni (Italian painter)
 Walter Girotto (Italian painter, 1953-?)
 Emilio Gola (Italian painter, 1851-1923)
 Benozzo Gozzoli (Italian painter)
 Giacomo Grosso (Italian painter, 1860-1938)
 Vittore Grubicy de Dragon (Italian painter)
 Alessandro Guaccimanni (Italian painter, 1864-1927)
 Francesco Guardi (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Francesco Barbieri , aka il Guercino (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Guida (Italian painter, 1837-1895)
 Guiseppe Guidi (Italian painter, 1881-1931)