The Athenaeum - Displaying Italian people
40 of 10037 total people, sorted by name (starting with the letter 'F') , in ascending order.
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Detail Special Name
 Fabio Fabbi (Italian painter, 1861-1946)
 Gentile da Fabriano , aka Gentile di Nicolò di Giovanni (Italian painter)
 Nicola Fabricatore (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Fabris (Italian painter)
 Pietro Fabris (Italian painter)
 Luigi Fabron (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Fagnani (Italian painter)
 Enrico Fanfani (Italian painter, 1824-1885)
 Federico Faruffini (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Fattori (Italian painter, 1825-1908)
 Brigida Fava Ghisilieri (Italian painter)
 Paolo di Giovanni Fei (Italian painter)
 Gaudenzio Ferrari (Italian painter)
 Ciro Ferri (Italian painter)
 Domenico Fetti (Italian painter)
 Francesco Fidanza (Italian painter)
 Andrea Figari (Italian painter)
 Maso Finiguerra (Italian painter)
 Niccolò da Foligno , aka Niccolò di Liberatore (Italian painter)
 Carlo Follini (Italian painter)
 Lavinia Fontana (Italian painter)
 Roberto Fontana (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Foppa (Italian painter)
 Carlo Fornara (Italian painter)
 Gaetano Forte (Italian painter)
 Luca Forte (Italian painter)
 Edouardo Ettore Forti (Italian painter)
 Francesco Foschi (Italian painter)
 Pier Francesco Jacopo di Foschi (Italian painter)
 Fra Angelico , aka Guido di Pietro (Italian painter, 1387-1455)
 Fra Bartolommeo , aka Baccio della Porta (Italian painter)
 Pietro Fragiacomo (Italian painter, 1856-1922)
 Piero della Francesca (Italian painter, 1422-1492)
 Marcantonio Franceschini (Italian painter)
 Rossello di Jacopo Franchi (Italian painter)
 Francesco Francia (Italian painter)
 Giacomo Francia (Italian painter)
 Bartolo di Fredi , aka Bartolo Battiloro (Italian painter)
 Bernardino Fungai (Italian painter)
 Francesco Furini (Italian painter)