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Detail Special Name
 Vincenzo Cabianca (Italian painter, 1827-1902)
 Giuseppe Cadenasso (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Cades (Italian painter)
 Ippolito Caffi (Italian painter, 1809-1866)
 Guido Cagnacci (Italian painter)
 Francesco Cairo (Italian painter)
 Marco Calderini (Italian painter)
 Nicolino Calyo (Italian painter, 1799-1884)
 Giuseppe Camino (Italian painter, 1818-1890)
 Bernardino Campi (Italian painter)
 Massimo Campigli (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Campi (Italian painter)
 Alceste Campriani (Italian painter, 1848-1933)
 Canaletto (Italian painter, 1697-1768)
 Giuseppe Candenasso (Italian painter, 1854-1918)
 Vincenzo Canino (Italian painter)
 Nicolo Cannicci (Italian painter, 1846-1906)
 Rubens Capaldo (Italian painter)
 Giulia Cheli Capella (Italian painter)
 Vincente Capobianchi (Italian painter)
 Benedetta Cappa Marinetti , aka Benedetta (Italian painter)
 Leonetto Cappiello (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Caprile (Italian painter)
 Ulisse Caputo (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Caracciolo (Italian painter)
 Caravaggio , aka Michelangelo Merisi (Italian painter, 1571-1610)
 Polidoro da Caravaggio (Italian painter, 1831-1899)
 Filippo Carcano (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Carducci , aka Vicente Carducho (Italian painter)
 Vincente Carducho (Italian painter)
 Gonsalvo Carelli (Italian painter, 1818-1910)
 Giovanni Cariani (Italian painter, 1757-1828)
 Luca Carlevaris (Italian painter, 1665-1731)
 Giulio Carlini (Italian painter, 1830-1887)
 Giovanni Francesco Caroto (Italian painter)
 Vittore Carpaccio (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Carpanetto (Italian painter)
 Girolamo da Carpi (Italian painter)
 Carlo Carrà (Italian painter, 1881-1966)
 Agostino Carracci (Italian painter)
 Annibale Carracci (Italian painter, 1560-1609)
 Lodovico Carracci (Italian painter)
 Rosalba Carriera (Italian painter, 1675-1757)
 Eugène Carrière (Italian painter, 1849-1906)
 Angela Carugati (Italian painter)
 Andrea Casali (Italian painter)
 Michele Cascella (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Casciaro (Italian painter, 1863-1945)
 Jacopo del Casentino (Italian painter)
 Felice Casorati (Italian painter, 1883-1963)
 Master of the Castello Nativity (Italian painter)
 Valerio Castello (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Castiglione (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Castiglione (Italian painter, 1829-1908)
 Vincenzo Catena (Italian painter)
 Achille Cattaneo (Italian painter)
 Giacomo Cavadon (Italian painter)
 Mario Cavaglieri (Italian painter)
 Vittorio Cavalleri (Italian painter)
 Pietro Cavallini (Italian painter)
 Bernardo Cavallino (Italian painter)
 Bartolomeo Cavarozzi , aka dei Crescenzi (Italian painter)
 Adriano Cecchi (Italian painter, 1850-1936)
 Gregorio di Cecco (Italian painter)
 Alberto Cecconi (Italian painter)
 Pasquale Celommi (Italian painter, 1851-1928)
 Giacomo Ceruti (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Cesari , aka Cavaliere d'Arpino (Italian painter)
 Luigi Chialiva (Italian painter, 1842-1914)
 Alberto Chiancone (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari (Italian painter)
 Gaetano Chierici (Italian painter, 1838-1920)
 Pietro Chiesa (Italian painter)
 Cesare Ciani (Italian painter, 1854-1925)
 Beppe Ciardi (Italian painter, 1875-1932)
 Emma Ciardi (Italian painter, 1879-1933)
 Giuseppe Ciesa (Italian painter)
 Carlo Cignani (Italian painter)
 Gianbettino Cignaroli (Italian painter, 1853-1922)
 Vittorio Amadeo Cignaroli (Italian painter)
 Nicola Ciletti (Italian painter)
 Cimabue (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Cimaroli (Italian painter)
 Jacopo di Cione (Italian painter)
 Fabio Cipolla (Italian painter, 1852-1935)
 Giovanni Battista Cipriani (Italian painter)
 Antonio Ciseri (Italian painter)
 Master of Città di Castello (Italian painter)
 Niccolò Codazzi (Italian painter)
 Viviano Codazzi (Italian painter)
 Francesco Coleman (Italian painter, 1851-1918)
 Giovanni Colmo (Italian painter)
 Luigi Conconi (Italian painter)
 Tito Conti (Italian painter, 1842-1924)
 Vittorio Matteo Corcos (Italian painter, 1859-1933)
 Correggio , aka Antonio Allegri da Correggio (Italian painter, 1489-1534)
 Hermann David Solomon Corrodi (Italian painter, 1844-1905)
 Oreste Cortazzo (Italian painter, 1836-1889)
 Mario Cortiello (Italian painter)
 Piero di Cosimo (Italian painter)
 Francesco del Cossa (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Costa (Italian painter, 1833-1903)
 Giuseppe Costantini (Italian painter)
 Virgilio Costantini (Italian painter)
 Oreste Costa (Italian painter, 1851-1901)
 Lorenzo Costa the Elder (Italian painter)
 Francesco Cozza (Italian painter)
 Tullio Crali (Italian painter)
 Daniele Crespi (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Crespi (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Maria Crespi (Italian painter, 1834-1908)
 Carlo Cressini (Italian painter)
 Donato Creti (Italian painter)
 Luigi Crisconio (Italian painter)
 Carlo Crivelli (Italian painter)
 Taddeo Crivelli (Italian painter, 1425-1479)
 Vittore Crivelli (Italian painter)
 Luigi Crosio (Italian painter)