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Detail Special Name
 Vincenzo Cabianca (Italian painter, 1827-1902)
 Giuseppe Cadenasso (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Cades (Italian painter)
 Ippolito Caffi (Italian painter, 1809-1866)
 Guido Cagnacci (Italian painter)
 Francesco Cairo (Italian painter)
 Marco Calderini (Italian painter)
 Filippo Calendario (Italian sculptor)
 Nicolino Calyo (Italian painter, 1799-1884)
 Arnolfo di Cambio (Italian sculptor)
 Giuseppe Camino (Italian painter, 1818-1890)
 Bernardino Campi (Italian painter)
 Massimo Campigli , aka Max Ihlenfeldt (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Campi (Italian painter)
 Alceste Campriani (Italian painter, 1848-1933)
 Canaletto , aka Giovanni Antonio Canal (Italian painter, 1697-1768)
 Giuseppe Candenasso (Italian painter, 1854-1918)
 Vincenzo Canino (Italian painter)
 Nicolo Cannicci (Italian painter, 1846-1906)
 Rubens Capaldo (Italian painter)
 Giulia Cheli Capella (Italian painter)
 Vincente Capobianchi (Italian painter)
 Benedetta Cappa Marinetti , aka Benedetta (Italian painter)
 Leonetto Cappiello (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Caprile (Italian painter)
 Ulisse Caputo (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Caracciolo (Italian painter)
 Caravaggio , aka Michelangelo Merisi (Italian painter, 1571-1610)
 Polidoro da Caravaggio (Italian painter, 1831-1899)
 Filippo Carcano (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Carducci , aka Vicente Carducho (Italian painter)
 Vincente Carducho (Italian painter)
 Gonsalvo Carelli (Italian painter, 1818-1910)
 Giovanni Cariani (Italian painter, 1757-1828)
 Luca Carlevaris , aka Luca da Ca' Zenobio (Italian painter, 1665-1731)
 Giulio Carlini (Italian painter, 1830-1887)
 Giovanni Francesco Caroto (Italian painter)
 Vittore Carpaccio (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Carpanetto (Italian painter)
 Girolamo da Carpi , aka Girolamo de' Sellari (Italian painter)
 Carlo Carrà (Italian painter, 1881-1966)
 Agostino Carracci (Italian painter)
 Annibale Carracci (Italian painter, 1560-1609)
 Lodovico Carracci (Italian painter)
 Rosalba Carriera (Italian painter, 1675-1757)
 Eugène Carrière (Italian painter, 1849-1906)
 Angela Carugati (Italian painter)
 Andrea Casali (Italian painter)
 Michele Cascella (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Casciaro (Italian painter, 1863-1945)
 Jacopo del Casentino (Italian painter)
 Felice Casorati (Italian painter, 1883-1963)
 Niccolo Cassana (Italian painter)
 Andrea del Castagno , aka Andrea di Bartolo di Bargilla (Italian painter)
 Master of the Castello Nativity (Italian painter)
 Valerio Castello (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Castiglione (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Castiglione (Italian painter, 1829-1908)
 Vincenzo Catena , aka Vincenzo di Biagio (Italian painter)
 Achille Cattaneo (Italian painter)
 Giacomo Cavadon (Italian painter)
 Mario Cavaglieri (Italian painter)
 Vittorio Cavalleri (Italian painter)
 Pietro Cavallini (Italian painter)
 Bernardo Cavallino (Italian painter)
 Bartolomeo Cavarozzi , aka dei Crescenzi (Italian painter)
 Adriano Cecchi (Italian painter, 1850-1936)
 Gregorio di Cecco (Italian painter)
 Alberto Cecconi (Italian painter)
 Pasquale Celommi (Italian painter, 1851-1928)
 Giacomo Ceruti (Italian painter)
 Felice Cerutti Bauduc (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Cesari , aka Cavaliere d'Arpino (Italian painter)
 Luigi Chialiva (Italian painter, 1842-1914)
 Alberto Chiancone (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari (Italian painter)
 Gaetano Chierici (Italian painter, 1838-1920)
 Pietro Chiesa (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Chimenti , aka Jacopo da Empoli (Italian painter)
 Cesare Ciani (Italian painter, 1854-1925)
 Beppe Ciardi (Italian painter, 1875-1932)
 Emma Ciardi (Italian painter, 1879-1933)
 Giuseppe Ciesa (Italian painter)
 Carlo Cignani (Italian painter)
 Gianbettino Cignaroli (Italian painter, 1853-1922)
 Vittorio Amadeo Cignaroli (Italian painter)
 Nicola Ciletti (Italian painter)
 Cimabue , aka Ceno di Pepi or Ceno di Pepo (Italian painter)
 Giambatista Cima da Conegliano (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Cimaroli (Italian painter)
 Jacopo di Cione (Italian painter)
 Fabio Cipolla (Italian painter, 1852-1935)
 Giovanni Battista Cipriani (Italian painter)
 Antonio Ciseri (Italian painter)
 Master of Città di Castello (Italian painter)
 Pier Francesco Cittadini , aka il Milanese (Italian painter)
 Niccolò Codazzi (Italian painter)
 Viviano Codazzi (Italian painter)
 Master of the Codex of Saint George (Italian painter)
 Francesco Coleman (Italian painter, 1851-1918)
 Giovanni Colmo (Italian painter)
 Luigi Conconi (Italian painter)
 Tito Conti (Italian painter, 1842-1924)
 Vittorio Matteo Corcos (Italian painter, 1859-1933)
 Correggio , aka Antonio Allegri (Italian painter, 1489-1534)
 Hermann David Solomon Corrodi (Italian painter, 1844-1905)
 Oreste Cortazzo (Italian painter, 1836-1889)
 Mario Cortiello (Italian painter)
 Pietro da Cortona , aka Pietro Berrettini (Italian painter)
 Piero di Cosimo , aka Piero di Lorenzo (Italian painter)
 Francesco del Cossa (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Costa (Italian painter, 1833-1903)
 Giuseppe Costantini (Italian painter)
 Virgilio Costantini (Italian painter)
 Oreste Costa (Italian painter, 1851-1901)
 Lorenzo Costa the Elder (Italian painter)
 Francesco Cozza (Italian painter)
 Guidoccio Cozzarelli (Italian painter)
 Tullio Crali (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Cremonini (Italian painter)
 Daniele Crespi (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Crespi , aka Il Cerano (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Maria Crespi , aka Il Spagnuolo (Italian painter, 1834-1908)
 Carlo Cressini (Italian painter)
 Donato Creti (Italian painter)
 Luigi Crisconio (Italian painter)
 Carlo Crivelli (Italian painter)
 Taddeo Crivelli (Italian painter, 1425-1479)
 Vittore Crivelli (Italian painter)
 Luigi Crosio (Italian painter)