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Detail Special Name
 Attilio Baccani (Italian painter)
 Il Bacchiacca , aka Francesco Ubertini (Italian painter)
 Marcello Bacciarelli (Italian painter)
 Maria Bacci-Baccio (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Baciccio , aka Giovanni Battista Gaulli (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Baglione (Italian painter)
 Enrico Baj (Italian painter)
 Roberto Iras Baldessari (Italian painter)
 Alessio Baldovinetti (Italian painter)
 Antonio Balestra (Italian painter)
 Lionello Balestrieri (Italian painter)
 Giacomo Balla (Italian painter, 1871-1958)
 Federico Ballesio (Italian painter)
 Francesco Ballesio (Italian painter, 1860-1923)
 Nanni di Banco (Italian sculptor)
 Baccio Bandinelli , aka Bartolommeo Brandini (Italian sculptor)
 Jacopo de' Barbari , aka Jacob Walch (Italian painter)
 Paolo Antonio Barbieri (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Barison (Italian painter)
 Duilio Barnabè (Italian painter)
 Federico Barocci , aka Federico Fiori da Urbino (Italian painter)
 Antonio Barone (Italian painter, 1889-1971)
 Giovanni Baronzio , aka Giovanni da Rimini (Italian painter)
 Filippo Bartolini (Italian painter)
 Domenico di Bartolo (Italian painter)
 Martino di Bartolomeo (Italian painter)
 Pietro Barucci (Italian painter, 1845-1917)
 Marco Basaiti (Italian painter)
 Afro , aka Afro (Italian painter)
 Evaristo Baschenis (Italian painter)
 Francesco Bassano the Younger , aka Francesco Giambattista da Ponte (Italian painter)
 Girolamo Bassano , aka Girolamo da Ponte (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Bassano , aka Jacopo del Ponte (Italian painter)
 Leandro Bassano , aka Leandro dal Ponte (Italian painter)
 Pompeo Batoni (Italian painter, 1708-1787)
 Francesco Battaglioli (Italian painter)
 Leonardo Bazzaro (Italian painter, 1853-1937)
 Giovanni Antonio (Sodoma) Bazzi (Italian painter)
 Domenico Beccafumi (Italian painter)
 Luigi Bechi (Italian painter, 1830-1919)
 Francesco Beda (Italian painter, 1840-1900)
 Girolamo Mazzola Bedoli (Italian painter)
 Achille Formis Befani (Italian painter, 1832-1906)
 Gennaro Befanio (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Beinaschi (Italian painter)
 Adolfo Belimbau (Italian painter)
 Gaetano Bellei (Italian painter, 1857-1922)
 Enzo Bellini (Italian painter)
 Gentile Bellini (Italian painter, 1429-1507)
 Giovanni Bellini , aka Giambellino (Italian painter, 1430-1516)
 Jacopo Bellini (Italian painter, 1400-1470)
 Antonio de Bellis (Italian painter)
 Giorgio Belloni (Italian painter)
 Bernardo Bellotto , aka Canaletto II (Italian painter, 1753-1756)
 Antonio Bellucci (Italian painter)
 Agostino Beltrano , aka Agostinello (Italian painter)
 Lippo di Benivieni (Italian painter)
 Benvenuto Benvenuti (Italian painter)
 Pietro Benvenuti (Italian painter)
 Francesco Bergamini (Italian painter, 1815-1883)
 Ettore de Maria Bergler (Italian painter)
 Ambrogio Bergognone , aka Ambrogio da Fossano (Italian painter)
 Bonaventura Berlinghieri (Italian painter)
 Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Italian sculptor)
 Giovanni Battista Bertucci , aka il Giovane (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Bertucci il vecchio (Italian painter)
 Bartolomeo Bezzi (Italian painter, 1851-1923)
 Giovanni Francesco Bezzi , aka Nosadella (Italian painter)
 Mose Bianchi (Italian painter, 1840-1904)
 Giovanni Biliverti (Italian painter)
 Giovanni del Biondo (Italian painter)
 Cesare Biseo (Italian painter)
 Fulvia Bisi (Italian painter)
 Eugene de Blaas (Italian painter, 1843-1932)
 Boccaccio Boccaccino (Italian painter, 1467-1525)
 Gaetano Bocchetti (Italian painter)
 Amedeo Bocchi (Italian painter)
 Faustino Bocchi (Italian painter)
 Umberto Boccioni (Italian painter, 1882-1916)
 Guido Boggiani (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Boldini (Italian painter, 1843-1931)
 Vitale da Bologna (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Bonati (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Boncori (Italian painter)
 Benedetto Bonfigli (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Bonito (Italian painter)
 Alberto Bonomi (Italian painter, 1876-1919)
 Pietro Paolo Bonzi (Italian painter)
 Paris Bordone (Italian painter)
 Odoardo Borrani (Italian painter)
 Roberto Borsa (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Boschetto (Italian painter, 1841-1918)
 Felice Boselli (Italian painter)
 Carlo Bossoli (Italian painter, 1815-1884)
 Sandro Botticelli , aka Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi (Italian painter, 1445-1510)
 Francesco Botticini (Italian painter, 1446-1497)
 Giuseppe Bozzalla (Italian painter, 1875-1958)
 Carlo Braccesco (Italian painter)
 Bramante , aka Donato d'Angelo/Donato da Urbino (Italian painter)
 Bramantino , aka Bartolomeo Suardi (Italian painter)
 Carlo Brancaccio (Italian painter, 1861-1920)
 Antonietta Brandeis (Italian painter, 1849-1910)
 Antonio Bresciani (Italian painter)
 Ezelino Briante (Italian painter)
 Angelo Brombo (Italian painter)
 Agnolo Bronzino , aka Agnolo di Cosimo di Maiano/Agnolo Tori (Italian painter, 1503-1572)
 Romaine Brooks (Italian painter, 1874-1970)
 Constantino Brumidi (Italian painter)
 Francois Brunery (Italian painter, 1849-1926)
 Agostino Brunias (Italian painter)
 Stafano Bruzzi (Italian painter, 1835-1911)
 Anselmo Bucci (Italian painter)
 Niccolò di Buonaccorso (Italian painter)
 Niccolò di Buonaccorso (Italian miscellaneous title)
 Michelangelo Buonarroti (Italian painter, 1475-1564)
 Segna di Buonaventura (Italian painter)
 Leon Giuseppe Buono (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Busiri (Italian painter)