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 Niccolo dell' Abbate (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Abbati (Italian painter)
 Afro , aka Afro Basaldella (Italian painter)
 Agostino Aglio (Italian painter)
 Lidio Ajmone (Italian painter, 1884-1945)
 Francesco Albani (Italian painter)
 Mariotto Albertinelli (Italian painter)
 Luca Albino (Italian painter)
 Albrogio Antonio Alciati (Italian painter, 1878-1929)
 Francesco Allegrini (Italian painter)
 Alessandro Allori (Italian painter, 1857-1939)
 Cristofano Allori (Italian painter, 1790-1865)
 Francesco Saverio Altamura (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Amigoni , aka Giacomo Amiconi (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Amisani (Italian painter)
 Domenico Ammirato (Italian painter)
 Federico Andreotti (Italian painter, 1847-1930)
 Libero Andreotti (Italian sculptor, 1875-1933)
 Paolo Anesi (Italian painter)
 Lucia Anguissola (Italian painter)
 Sofonisba Anguissola (Italian painter)
 Pietro Annigoni (Italian painter)
 Benedetto Antelami (Italian sculptor)
 Biagio d'Antonio , aka Biagio di Antonio Tucci (Italian painter)
 Jacopo di Antonio , aka Master of Pratovecchio (Italian painter)
 Niccolò dell'Arca , aka Niccolò da Ragusa/Niccolò da Bari/Niccolò d'Antonio d'Apulia (Italian sculptor)
 Giuseppe Arcimboldo (Italian painter, 1527-1593)
 Spinello Aretino (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Artioli (Italian painter)
 Amico Aspertini (Italian painter)
 Gioacchino Assereto (Italian painter)
 Tiberio d' Assisi (Italian painter)
 Antonio Asturi (Italian painter)
 Attilio Baccani (Italian painter)
 Il Bacchiacca , aka Francesco Ubertini (Italian painter)
 Maria Bacci-Baccio (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Baciccio , aka Giovanni Battista Gaulli (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Baglione (Italian painter)
 Roberto Iras Baldessari (Italian painter)
 Alessio Baldovinetti (Italian painter)
 Antonio Balestra (Italian painter)
 Lionello Balestrieri (Italian painter)
 Giacomo Balla (Italian painter, 1871-1958)
 Federico Ballesio (Italian painter)
 Francesco Ballesio (Italian painter, 1860-1923)
 Nanni di Banco (Italian sculptor)
 Baccio Bandinelli , aka Bartolommeo Brandini (Italian sculptor)
 Jacopo de' Barbari , aka Jacob Walch (Italian painter)
 Paolo Antonio Barbieri (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Barison (Italian painter)
 Duilio Barnabè (Italian painter)
 Federico Barocci , aka Federico Fiori da Urbino (Italian painter)
 Antonio Barone (Italian painter, 1889-1971)
 Giovanni Baronzio , aka Giovanni da Rimini (Italian painter)
 Filippo Bartolini (Italian painter)
 Domenico di Bartolo (Italian painter)
 Martino di Bartolomeo (Italian painter)
 Pietro Barucci (Italian painter, 1845-1917)
 Marco Basaiti (Italian painter)
 Afro , aka Afro (Italian painter)
 Evaristo Baschenis (Italian painter)
 Francesco Bassano the Younger , aka Francesco Giambattista da Ponte (Italian painter)
 Gerolamo Bassano , aka Girolamo da Ponte (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Bassano , aka Jacopo del Ponte (Italian painter)
 Leandro Bassano , aka Leandro dal Ponte (Italian painter)
 Pompeo Batoni (Italian painter, 1708-1787)
 Francesco Battaglioli (Italian painter)
 Leonardo Bazzaro (Italian painter, 1853-1937)
 Giovanni Antonio (Sodoma) Bazzi (Italian painter)
 Domenico Beccafumi (Italian painter)
 Luigi Bechi (Italian painter, 1830-1919)
 Francesco Beda (Italian painter, 1840-1900)
 Girolamo Mazzola Bedoli (Italian painter)
 Achille Formis Befani (Italian painter, 1832-1906)
 Gennaro Befanio (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Beinaschi (Italian painter)
 Adolfo Belimbau (Italian painter)
 Gaetano Bellei (Italian painter, 1857-1922)
 Enzo Bellini (Italian painter)
 Gentile Bellini (Italian painter, 1429-1507)
 Giovanni Bellini , aka Giambellino (Italian painter, 1430-1516)
 Jacopo Bellini (Italian painter, 1400-1470)
 Antonio de Bellis (Italian painter)
 Giorgio Belloni (Italian painter)
 Bernardo Bellotto , aka Canaletto II (Italian painter, 1753-1756)
 Antonio Bellucci (Italian painter)
 Agostino Beltrano , aka Agostinello (Italian painter)
 Lippo di Benivieni (Italian painter)
 Benvenuto Benvenuti (Italian painter)
 Pietro Benvenuti (Italian painter)
 Francesco Bergamini (Italian painter, 1815-1883)
 Ettore de Maria Bergler (Italian painter)
 Ambrogio Bergognone , aka Ambrogio da Fossano (Italian painter)
 Bonaventura Berlinghieri (Italian painter)
 Gian Lorenzo Bernini (Italian sculptor)
 Giovanni Battista Bertucci , aka il Giovane (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Bertucci il vecchio (Italian painter)
 Bartolomeo Bezzi (Italian painter, 1851-1923)
 Giovanni Francesco Bezzi , aka Nosadella (Italian painter)
 Mose Bianchi (Italian painter, 1840-1904)
 Giovanni Biliverti (Italian painter)
 Giovanni del Biondo (Italian painter)
 Cesare Biseo (Italian painter)
 Fulvia Bisi (Italian painter)
 Eugene de Blaas (Italian painter, 1843-1932)
 Boccaccio Boccaccino (Italian painter, 1467-1525)
 Gaetano Bocchetti (Italian painter)
 Amedeo Bocchi (Italian painter)
 Faustino Bocchi (Italian painter)
 Umberto Boccioni (Italian painter, 1882-1916)
 Guido Boggiani (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Boldini (Italian painter, 1843-1931)
 Vitale da Bologna (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Bonati (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Boncori (Italian painter)
 Benedetto Bonfigli (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Bonito (Italian painter)
 Alberto Bonomi (Italian painter, 1876-1919)
 Pietro Paolo Bonzi (Italian painter)
 Paris Bordone (Italian painter)
 Odoardo Borrani (Italian painter)
 Roberto Borsa (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Boschetto (Italian painter, 1841-1918)
 Felice Boselli (Italian painter)
 Carlo Bossoli (Italian painter, 1815-1884)
 Sandro Botticelli , aka Alessandro di Mariano di Vanni Filipepi (Italian painter, 1445-1510)
 Francesco Botticini (Italian painter, 1446-1497)
 Giuseppe Bozzalla (Italian painter, 1875-1958)
 Carlo Braccesco (Italian painter)
 Bramante , aka Donato d'Angelo/Donato da Urbino (Italian painter)
 Bramantino , aka Bartolomeo Suardi (Italian painter)
 Carlo Brancaccio (Italian painter, 1861-1920)
 Antonietta Brandeis (Italian painter, 1849-1910)
 Antonio Bresciani (Italian painter)
 Ezelino Briante (Italian painter)
 Angelo Brombo (Italian painter)
 Agnolo Bronzino , aka Agnolo di Cosimo di Maiano/Agnolo Tori (Italian painter, 1503-1572)
 Romaine Brooks (Italian painter, 1874-1970)
 Constantino Brumidi (Italian painter)
 Francois Brunery (Italian painter, 1849-1926)
 Agostino Brunias (Italian painter)
 Stafano Bruzzi (Italian painter, 1835-1911)
 Anselmo Bucci (Italian painter)
 Niccolò di Buonaccorso (Italian painter)
 Niccolò di Buonaccorso (Italian miscellaneous title)
 Michelangelo Buonarroti (Italian painter, 1475-1564)
 Segna di Buonaventura (Italian painter)
 Leon Giuseppe Buono (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Busiri (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Cabianca (Italian painter, 1827-1902)
 Giuseppe Cadenasso (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Cades (Italian painter)
 Ippolito Caffi (Italian painter, 1809-1866)
 Guido Cagnacci (Italian painter)
 Francesco Cairo (Italian painter)
 Marco Calderini (Italian painter)
 Filippo Calendario (Italian sculptor)
 Nicolino Calyo (Italian painter, 1799-1884)
 Arnolfo di Cambio (Italian sculptor)
 Giuseppe Camino (Italian painter, 1818-1890)
 Bernardino Campi (Italian painter)
 Massimo Campigli (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Campi (Italian painter)
 Alceste Campriani (Italian painter, 1848-1933)
 Canaletto , aka Giovanni Antonio Canal (Italian painter, 1697-1768)
 Giuseppe Candenasso (Italian painter, 1854-1918)
 Vincenzo Canino (Italian painter)
 Nicolo Cannicci (Italian painter, 1846-1906)
 Rubens Capaldo (Italian painter)
 Giulia Cheli Capella (Italian painter)
 Vincente Capobianchi (Italian painter)
 Benedetta Cappa Marinetti , aka Benedetta (Italian painter)
 Leonetto Cappiello (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Caprile (Italian painter)
 Ulisse Caputo (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Caracciolo (Italian painter)
 Caravaggio , aka Michelangelo Merisi (Italian painter, 1571-1610)
 Polidoro da Caravaggio (Italian painter, 1831-1899)
 Filippo Carcano (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Carducci , aka Vicente Carducho (Italian painter)
 Vincente Carducho (Italian painter)
 Gonsalvo Carelli (Italian painter, 1818-1910)
 Giovanni Cariani (Italian painter, 1757-1828)
 Luca Carlevaris (Italian painter, 1665-1731)
 Giulio Carlini (Italian painter, 1830-1887)
 Giovanni Francesco Caroto (Italian painter)
 Vittore Carpaccio (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Carpanetto (Italian painter)
 Girolamo da Carpi (Italian painter)
 Carlo Carrà (Italian painter, 1881-1966)
 Agostino Carracci (Italian painter)
 Annibale Carracci (Italian painter, 1560-1609)
 Lodovico Carracci (Italian painter)
 Rosalba Carriera (Italian painter, 1675-1757)
 Eugène Carrière (Italian painter, 1849-1906)
 Angela Carugati (Italian painter)
 Andrea Casali (Italian painter)
 Michele Cascella (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Casciaro (Italian painter, 1863-1945)
 Jacopo del Casentino (Italian painter)
 Felice Casorati (Italian painter, 1883-1963)
 Niccolo Cassana (Italian painter)
 Andrea del Castagno , aka Andrea di Bartolo di Bargilla (Italian painter)
 Master of the Castello Nativity (Italian painter)
 Valerio Castello (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Castiglione (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Castiglione (Italian painter, 1829-1908)
 Vincenzo Catena (Italian painter)
 Achille Cattaneo (Italian painter)
 Giacomo Cavadon (Italian painter)
 Mario Cavaglieri (Italian painter)
 Vittorio Cavalleri (Italian painter)
 Pietro Cavallini (Italian painter)
 Bernardo Cavallino (Italian painter)
 Bartolomeo Cavarozzi , aka dei Crescenzi (Italian painter)
 Adriano Cecchi (Italian painter, 1850-1936)
 Gregorio di Cecco (Italian painter)
 Alberto Cecconi (Italian painter)
 Pasquale Celommi (Italian painter, 1851-1928)
 Giacomo Ceruti (Italian painter)
 Felice Cerutti Bauduc (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Cesari , aka Cavaliere d'Arpino (Italian painter)
 Luigi Chialiva (Italian painter, 1842-1914)
 Alberto Chiancone (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari (Italian painter)
 Gaetano Chierici (Italian painter, 1838-1920)
 Pietro Chiesa (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Chimenti , aka Jacopo da Empoli (Italian painter)
 Cesare Ciani (Italian painter, 1854-1925)
 Beppe Ciardi (Italian painter, 1875-1932)
 Emma Ciardi (Italian painter, 1879-1933)
 Giuseppe Ciesa (Italian painter)
 Carlo Cignani (Italian painter)
 Gianbettino Cignaroli (Italian painter, 1853-1922)
 Vittorio Amadeo Cignaroli (Italian painter)
 Nicola Ciletti (Italian painter)
 Cimabue , aka Ceno di Pepi or Ceno di Pepo (Italian painter)
 Giambatista Cima da Conegliano (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Cimaroli (Italian painter)
 Jacopo di Cione (Italian painter)
 Fabio Cipolla (Italian painter, 1852-1935)
 Giovanni Battista Cipriani (Italian painter)
 Antonio Ciseri (Italian painter)
 Master of Città di Castello (Italian painter)
 Pier Francesco Cittadini , aka il Milanese (Italian painter)
 Niccolò Codazzi (Italian painter)
 Viviano Codazzi (Italian painter)
 Francesco Coleman (Italian painter, 1851-1918)
 Giovanni Colmo (Italian painter)
 Luigi Conconi (Italian painter)
 Tito Conti (Italian painter, 1842-1924)
 Vittorio Matteo Corcos (Italian painter, 1859-1933)
 Correggio , aka Antonio Allegri da Correggio (Italian painter, 1489-1534)
 Hermann David Solomon Corrodi (Italian painter, 1844-1905)
 Oreste Cortazzo (Italian painter, 1836-1889)
 Mario Cortiello (Italian painter)
 Pietro da Cortona , aka Pietro Berrettini (Italian painter)
 Piero di Cosimo , aka Piero di Lorenzo (Italian painter)
 Francesco del Cossa (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Costa (Italian painter, 1833-1903)
 Giuseppe Costantini (Italian painter)
 Virgilio Costantini (Italian painter)
 Oreste Costa (Italian painter, 1851-1901)
 Lorenzo Costa the Elder (Italian painter)
 Francesco Cozza (Italian painter)
 Tullio Crali (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Cremonini (Italian painter)
 Daniele Crespi (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Crespi (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Maria Crespi (Italian painter, 1834-1908)
 Carlo Cressini (Italian painter)
 Donato Creti (Italian painter)
 Luigi Crisconio (Italian painter)
 Carlo Crivelli (Italian painter)
 Taddeo Crivelli (Italian painter, 1425-1479)
 Vittore Crivelli (Italian painter)
 Luigi Crosio (Italian painter)
 Bernardo Daddi (Italian painter)
 Antonio da Firenze (Italian painter)
 Edoardo Dalbono (Italian painter)
 Callisto Piazza da Lodi (Italian painter)
 Piermatteo d'Amelia , aka Maestro dell'Annunciazione Gardner (Italian painter)
 Barnaba da Modena (Italian painter)
 Tommaso da Modena (Italian painter)
 Cesare Dandini (Italian painter)
 Dante , aka Durante degli Alighieri (Italian poet)
 Girolamo da Santa Croce (Italian painter)
 Barna da Siena (Italian painter)
 Guido da Siena (Italian painter)
 Virgina da Vezzo (Italian painter)
 Antonio David (Italian painter)
 Mariano de Franceschi (Italian painter, 1849-1896)
 Raffaele De Grada (Italian painter)
 Francesco De Gregorio (Italian painter)
 Cecco del Caravaggio (Italian painter)
 Jacopino del Conte (Italian painter)
 Arnaldo De Lisio (Italian painter)
 Cesare dell'Acqua (Italian painter, 1821-1904)
 Jacopo della Quercia (Italian sculptor)
 Lorenzo Delleani (Italian painter, 1840-1908)
 Giacomo Del Po (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe de Nittis (Italian painter, 1846-1884)
 Fortunato Depero (Italian painter, 1892-1960)
 Guiovanni Depetris (Italian painter)
 Filippo De Pisis (Italian painter, 1896-1956)
 Giuseppe De Sanctis (Italian painter)
 Gaetano De Simone (Italian painter)
 Tommaso De Simone (Italian painter)
 Cesare Augusto Detti (Italian painter, 1847-1914)
 Giovanni di Balduccio (Italian sculptor)
 Maso di Banco (Italian painter)
 Andrea di Bartolo (Italian painter)
 Taddeo di Bartolo (Italian painter)
 Martino di Bartolomeo di Biago (Italian painter)
 Neri di Bicci (Italian painter)
 Andrea di Cione (called Orcagna) (Italian painter)
 Nardo di Cione (Italian painter)
 Lorenzo di Credi (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Didone (Italian painter)
 Matteo di Giovanni di Bartolo (Italian painter)
 Stefano di Giovanni (Sassetta) (Italian painter)
 Francesco Di Marino (Italian painter)
 Gaspare Diziani (Italian painter)
 Carlo Dolci (Italian painter)
 Domenichino , aka Domenico Zampieri (Italian painter)
 Donatello , aka Donatello di Betto Bardi (Italian sculptor)
 Pietro Donzello (Italian painter)
 Battista Dossi (Italian painter)
 Dosso Dossi (Italian painter)
 Achille Dovera (Italian painter, 1838-1895)
 Duccio , aka Duccio di Buoninsegna (Italian painter)
 Leonardo Dudreville (Italian painter)
 Agnolo degli Erri (Italian painter)
 Bartolomeo degli Erri (Italian painter)
 Gaetano Esposito (Italian painter)
 Fabio Fabbi (Italian painter, 1861-1946)
 Gentile da Fabriano , aka Gentile di Nicolò di Giovanni (Italian painter)
 Nicola Fabricatore (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Fabris (Italian painter)
 Pietro Fabris (Italian painter)
 Luigi Fabron (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Fagnani (Italian painter)
 Enrico Fanfani (Italian painter, 1824-1885)
 Federico Faruffini (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Fattori (Italian painter, 1825-1908)
 Brigida Fava Ghisilieri (Italian painter)
 Paolo di Giovanni Fei (Italian painter)
 Gaudenzio Ferrari (Italian painter)
 Ciro Ferri (Italian painter)
 Domenico Fetti (Italian painter)
 Francesco Fidanza (Italian painter)
 Andrea Figari (Italian painter)
 Maso Finiguerra (Italian painter)
 Niccolò da Foligno , aka Niccolò di Liberatore (Italian painter)
 Carlo Follini (Italian painter)
 Lavinia Fontana (Italian painter)
 Roberto Fontana (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Foppa (Italian painter)
 Carlo Fornara (Italian painter)
 Gaetano Forte (Italian painter)
 Luca Forte (Italian painter)
 Edouardo Ettore Forti (Italian painter)
 Francesco Foschi (Italian painter)
 Pier Francesco Jacopo di Foschi (Italian painter)
 Fra Angelico , aka Guido di Pietro (Italian painter, 1387-1455)
 Fra Bartolommeo , aka Baccio della Porta (Italian painter)
 Pietro Fragiacomo (Italian painter, 1856-1922)
 Piero della Francesca (Italian painter, 1422-1492)
 Marcantonio Franceschini (Italian painter)
 Rossello di Jacopo Franchi (Italian painter)
 Francesco Francia (Italian painter)
 Giacomo Francia (Italian painter)
 Bartolo di Fredi , aka Bartolo Battiloro (Italian painter)
 Bernardino Fungai (Italian painter)
 Francesco Furini (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Gabani (Italian painter, 1846-1899)
 Anton Domenico Gabbiani (Italian painter)
 Pietro Gabrini (Italian painter, 1865-1926)
 Mario Gachet (Italian painter)
 Agnolo Gaddi (Italian painter)
 Taddeo Gaddi (Italian painter)
 Filippo Gagliardi (Italian painter)
 Francesco Galante (Italian painter)
 Giochimo Galbusera (Italian painter)
 Leopoldo Galeota-Russo (Italian painter)
 Fede Galizia (Italian painter)
 Julia A. Gambardella (Italian painter)
 Gaetano Gandolfi (Italian painter)
 Ubaldo Gandolfi (Italian painter)
  Antonio Gargiullo (Italian painter)
 Il Garofalo , aka Benvenuto Tisi (Italian painter)
 Luigi Garzi (Italian painter)
 Giovanna Garzoni (Italian painter)
 Henri Gascars (Italian painter)
 Leonardo Gasser (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Gaulli (Italian painter)
 Benedetto Gennari the Younger (Italian painter)
 Artemisia Gentileschi (Italian painter, 1593-1652)
 Orazio Gentileschi (Italian painter, 1563-1639)
 Niccolò di Pietro Gerini (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Gheduzzi (Italian painter)
 Lorenzo Ghiberti , aka Lorenzo di Bartolo (Italian sculptor)
 Oscar Ghiglia (Italian painter, 1876-1945)
 Davide Ghirlandaio (Italian painter)
 Domenico Ghirlandaio , aka Domenico di Tommaso Curradi di Doffo Bigordi (Italian painter, 1449-1494)
 Ridolfo Ghirlandaio (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Ghislandi (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Ghisolfi (Italian painter)
 Andrea di Niccolò di Giacomo , aka Andrea di Niccolò di Giacomo (Italian painter)
 Michele Giambono (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Giani (Italian painter, 1866-1937)
 Antonio Gianlisi (Italian painter)
 Raffaelle Giannetti (Italian painter)
 Girolamo Gianni (Italian painter, 1837-1895)
 Corrado Giaquinto (Italian painter, 1863-1955)
 Giuseppe Giardiello (Italian painter)
 Giacinto Gigante (Italian painter, 1806-1876)
 Niccolò Giolfino the Younger (Italian painter)
 Francesco Gioli (Italian painter)
 Felice Giordano (Italian painter)
 Luca Giordano , aka Luca Fà-presto (Italian painter)
 Francesco di Giorgio Martini , aka Francesco Sanese (Italian painter)
 Giorgione , aka Giorgio da Castelfranco (Italian painter)
 Giotto , aka Agnolo di Bondone (Italian painter, 1267-1337)
 Palma Giovane (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Antonio Capello (Italian painter)
 Benvenuto di Giovanni (Italian painter)
 Gherado di Giovanni del Fora (Italian painter)
 Matteo di Giovanni (Italian painter)
 Serodine Giovanni (Italian painter)
 Franco Girosi (Italian painter)
 Walter Girotto (Italian painter, 1953-?)
 Emilio Gola (Italian painter, 1851-1923)
 Michele Gordigiani (Italian painter)
 Benozzo Gozzoli (Italian painter)
 Francesco Granacci (Italian painter)
 Nicola Grassi (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi (Italian painter)
 Giacomo Grosso (Italian painter, 1860-1938)
 Vittore Grubicy de Dragon (Italian painter)
 Alessandro Guaccimanni (Italian painter, 1864-1927)
 Francesco Guardi (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Antonio Guardi (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Francesco Barbieri , aka il Guercino (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Guerrini (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Guida (Italian painter, 1837-1895)
 Guiseppe Guidi (Italian painter, 1881-1931)
 Renato Guttuso (Italian painter)
 Francesco Paolo Hayez (Italian painter, 1791-1881)
 Alfonso Hollaender (Italian painter, 1845-1923)
 Filippo Indoni (Italian painter, 1842-1908)
 Domenico Induno (Italian painter, 1815-1878)
 Gerolamo Induno (Italian painter, 1827-1890)
 Angelo Inganni (Italian painter, 1807-1880)
 Camillo Innocenti (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Irolli (Italian painter, 1860-1942)
 Francisco Iturrino (Italian painter)
 Antonio Joli (Italian painter, 1700-1777)
 Pio Joris (Italian painter, 1843-1921)
 Master of the Judgement of Paris (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo La Bella (Italian painter)
 Paolo La Commare (Italian painter, 1942-?)
 Egisto Lancerotto (Italian painter, 1874-1916)
 Eugenio Landesio (Italian painter)
 Gaspare Landi (Italian painter)
 Neroccio de' Landi (Italian painter)
 Andrea Landini (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Langetti (Italian painter)
 Bernardino Lanino (Italian painter)
 Luigi Lanza (Italian painter, 1860-1913)
 Cesare Laurenti (Italian painter)
 Alessandro La Volpe (Italian painter)
 Silvestro Lega (Italian painter, 1826-1895)
 Giovanni Battista Lenardi (Italian painter)
 Marino Lenci (Italian painter)
 Leonardo da Vinci , aka Leonardo da Vinci (Italian painter, 1452-1519)
 Lorenzo Leonbruno (Italian painter)
 Tito-Giovanni Lessi (Italian painter, 1858-1917)
 Antonio Leto (Italian painter, 1844-1913)
 Jacopo Ligozzi (Italian painter)
 Enrico Lionne (Italian painter, 1865-1921)
 Filippino Lippi (Italian painter, 1457-1504)
 Fra Filippo Lippi , aka Lippo Lippi (Italian painter, 1406-1469)
 Lorenzo Lippi (Italian painter)
 Andrea Locatelli (Italian painter)
 Francesco Lojacono (Italian painter, 1838-1915)
 Giovanni Domenico Lombardi (Italian painter)
 Pietro Longhi (Italian painter, 1702-1785)
 Alessandro Longhi (Italian painter)
 Emilio Longoni (Italian painter)
 Ambrogio Lorenzetti (Italian painter)
 Pietro Lorenzetti , aka Pietro Laurati (Italian painter)
 Ugolino Lorenzetti (Italian painter)
 Bicci di Lorenzo (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Loria (Italian painter)
 Lorenzo Lotto (Italian painter)
 Augusto Lovatti (Italian painter, 1852-1921)
 Giorgio Lucchesi (Italian painter, 1855-1941)
 Bernardino Luini (Italian painter)
 Alessandro Lupo (Italian painter)
 Girolamo Macchietti , aka Girolamo del Crocifissaio (Italian painter)
 Zanobi Machiavelli (Italian painter)
 Maestro dellà Fertilità dell Uova (Italian painter)
 Maestro della tela Jeans , aka Maestro della tela di Genova (Italian painter)
 Cesare Maggi (Italian painter)
 Carlo Magini (Italian painter)
 Alessandro Magnasco (Italian painter)
 Alberto Magnelli (Italian painter, 1888-1971)
 Gian Francesco de Maineri (Italian painter)
 Angelo Malinverni (Italian painter)
 Antonio Mancini (Italian painter, 1852-1930)
 Rutilio Manetti (Italian painter)
 Bartolomeo Manfredi (Italian painter)
 Andrea Mantegna (Italian painter, 1431-1506)
 Luigi Mantovani (Italian painter)
 Biagio Manzoni (Italian painter)
 Carlo Maratta , aka Maratti (Italian painter)
 Bassetti Marcantonio (Italian painter)
 Ludovico Marchetti (Italian painter, 1853-1909)
 Giannino Marchig (Italian painter)
 Andreas Marchisio (Italian painter, 1850-1927)
 Rocco Marconi (Italian painter)
 Carlo Mariani (Italian painter)
 Pompeo Mariani (Italian painter, 1857-1927)
 Michele Giovanni Marieschi (Italian painter, 1710-1743)
 Marino Marini (Italian painter)
 Simone Martini (Italian painter)
 Eduardo de Martino (Italian painter)
 Masaccio , aka Tommaso di Ser Giovanni (Italian painter)
 Masolino , aka Masolino da Panicale or Tommaso di Cristoforo Fini (Italian painter)
  (Italian painter)
 Master of the Acquavella (Italian painter)
 Master of the Blue Jeans (Italian painter)
 Master of the Life of Saint John the Baptist (Italian painter)
 Paolo de' Matteis (Italian painter)
 Luigi Mayer (Italian painter)
 Ludovico Mazzanti (Italian painter)
 Emo Mazzetti (Italian painter)
 Filippo Mazzola (Italian painter)
 Ludovico Mazzolino (Italian painter)
 Guido Mazzoni (Italian sculptor)
 Sebastiano Mazzoni (Italian painter)
 Federico Mazzotta (Italian painter)
 Bernardino Mei (Italian painter)
 Altobello Melone (Italian painter)
 Melozzo da Forlì , aka Melozzo Ambrosi (Italian painter)
 Francesco Melzi (Italian painter, 1815-1905)
 Lippo Memmi , aka Filippo di Memmo (Italian painter)
 Antonello da Messina , aka Antonello di Giovanni di Antonio or Antonello degli Antoni (Italian painter)
 Domenico di Michelino (Italian painter)
 Francesco Paolo Michetti (Italian painter, 1851-1929)
 Giovanni Migliara (Italian painter, 1785-1837)
 Vincenzo Migliaro (Italian painter)
 Alessandro Milesi (Italian painter)
 Luciano Miori (Italian painter)
 Amedeo Modigliani (Italian painter, 1884-1920)
 Pier Francesco Mola (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Molteni (Italian painter)
 Lorenzo Monaco , aka Pietro di Giovanni (Italian painter)
 Bartolomeo Montagna (Italian painter)
 Antonio Montemezzo (Italian painter, 1841-1898)
 Giorgio Morandi (Italian painter, 1890-1964)
 Angelo Morbelli (Italian painter, 1853-1919)
 Domenico Morelli (Italian painter)
 Joseph Morenhout (Italian painter, 1801-1851)
 Moretto da Brescia , aka Buonvicino (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Moroni , aka Giambattista Moroni (Italian painter)
 Cristoforo Munari (Italian painter)
 Francesco de Mura (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Muzzioli (Italian painter)
 Filippo Napoletano , aka Filippo D’Angeli (Italian painter)
 Mariotto di Nardo (Italian painter)
 Pietro Negri (Italian painter)
 Ugolino di Nerio (Italian painter)
 Pietro di Niccolò di Orvieto (Italian painter)
 Lorenzo di Niccolò (Italian painter)
 Giovanni di Nicola (Italian painter)
 Arturo Noci (Italian painter)
 Plinio Nomellini (Italian painter, 1866-1943)
 Luigi Nono (Italian painter, 1850-1918)
 Emilio Notte (Italian painter)
 Panfilo Nuvolone (Italian painter)
 Marco d' Oggiono (Italian painter)
 Lelio Orsi (Italian painter)
 Vincenzo Pacetti (Italian sculptor)
 Gregorio Pagani (Italian painter)
 Luigi Pagan (Italian painter)
 Gioacchino Pagliei (Italian painter, 1852-1896)
 Pietro Pajetta (Italian painter)
 Filippo Palizzi (Italian painter, 1818-1899)
 Giuseppe Palizzi (Italian painter, 1812-1888)
 Nicola Palizzi (Italian painter)
 Marco Palmezzano (Italian painter)
 Ruggero Panerai (Italian painter, 1862-1923)
 Giovanni Paolo Panini (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Panza (Italian painter)
 Antonio Paoletti (Italian painter, 1833-1912)
 Pietro Paolini (Italian painter)
 Giovanni di Paolo , aka Giovanni di Paolo di Grazia (Italian painter)
 Luca Papaluca (Italian painter)
 Francesco Paolo Parisi (Italian painter)
 Parmigianino (Italian painter)
 Alberto Pasini (Italian painter, 1826-1899)
 Bartolomeo Passarotti , aka Bartolomeo Passerotti (Italian painter)
 Tiburzio Passarotti (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini (Italian painter)
 Tito Pellicciotti (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Pennasilico (Italian painter)
 Luigi Persico (Italian sculptor)
 Charles Edward Perugini (Italian painter, 1839-1918)
 Perugino , aka Pietro Vannucci (Italian painter, 1445-1523)
 Francesco Pesellino , aka di Stefano (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Piazzetta (Italian painter)
 Andrea Piccinelli , aka Andrea del Brescianino (Italian painter)
 Giovanni di Pietro , aka Lo Spagna (Italian painter)
 Sano di Pietro (Italian painter)
 Heinz Pinggera (Italian painter)
 Marco Pino (Italian painter)
 Pinturicchio , aka Bernardo di Betto (Italian painter)
 Bernardino Pinturicchio (Italian painter)
 Domenico Piola (Italian painter)
 Sebastiano del Piombo (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Piranesi (Italian painter)
 Pisanello (Italian painter)
 Pisanello , aka Antonio di Puccio Pisano or Antonio di Puccio da Cereto (Italian painter)
 Andrea Pisano , aka Andrea de Pontedera (Italian sculptor)
 Giovanni Pisano (Italian sculptor)
 Nicola Pisano , aka Nicola de Apulia (Italian sculptor)
 Mario Pobbiati (Italian painter)
 Antonio del Pollaiuolo (Italian painter)
 Piero Pollaiuolo (Italian painter)
 Giovanni dal Ponte , aka Giovanni di Marco (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Pontormo , aka Jacopo Carucci (Italian painter)
 Paolo Porpora (Italian painter)
 Carlo Portelli da Loro (Italian painter, 1510-1574)
 Luca Postiglione (Italian painter)
 Salvatore Postiglione (Italian painter)
 Andrea Pozzo (Italian painter)
 Enrico Prampolini (Italian painter)
 Ada Pratella (Italian painter)
 Attilio Pratella (Italian painter, 1856-1949)
 Fausto Pratella (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Ambrogio de Predis (Italian painter)
 Mattia Preti (Italian painter)
 Gaetano Previati (Italian painter, 1852-1920)
 Andrea Previtali (Italian painter)
 Camillo Procaccini (Italian painter)
 Angelo Puccinelli (Italian painter)
 Antonio Puccinelli (Italian painter, 1822-1897)
 Mario Puccini (Italian painter, 1869-1920)
 Scipione Pulzone (Italian painter)
 Raffaele Ragione (Italian painter)
 Raphael , aka Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (Italian painter, 1483-1520)
 Vittorio Rappini (Italian painter)
 Giovan Battista Recco (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Recco (Italian painter)
 Vittorio Reggianini (Italian painter, 1858-1938)
 Giovanni Renica (Italian painter, 1808-1884)
 Guido Reni , aka Le Guide (Italian painter, 1575-1642)
 Prospero Ricca (Italian painter, 1838-1895)
 Pietro Ricchi (Italian painter)
 Gaetano Ricchizzi (Italian painter)
 Oscar Ricciardi (Italian painter)
 Arturo Ricci (Italian painter, 1854-1919)
 Marco Ricci (Italian painter)
 Pio Ricci (Italian painter, 1850-1919)
 Sebastiano Ricci (Italian painter, 1659-1734)
 Vittorio Rignano (Italian painter)
 Orazio Riminaldi (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli , aka Giampietrino (Italian painter)
 Andrea della Robbia (Italian sculptor)
 Luca della Robbia (Italian sculptor)
 Ercole de' Roberti , aka Ercole da Ferrara (Italian painter)
 Leonardo Roda (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Francesco Romanelli (Italian painter)
 Girolamo Romani (Italian painter)
 Juana Romani (Italian painter, 1869-1924)
 Gerolamo Romanino , aka di Romano (Italian painter)
 Antoniazzo Romano (Italian painter)
 Giulio Romano (Italian painter)
 Alessandro Rontini (Italian painter)
 Ottone Rosai (Italian painter)
 Salvator Rosa (Italian painter)
 Giulio Rosati (Italian painter, 1859-1917)
 Federico Rossano (Italian painter)
 Cosimo Rosselli (Italian painter)
 Antonio Rossellino , aka Antonio Rossellino (Italian sculptor)
 Alberto Rossi (Italian painter)
 Lucius Rossi (Italian painter, 1846-1913)
 Rosso Fiorentino , aka Giovanni Battista di Jacopo (Italian painter)
 Medardo Rosso (Italian sculptor)
 Pietro Antonio Rotari (Italian painter)
 Antonio Rotta (Italian painter, 1828-1903)
 Luigi Russolo (Italian painter, 1883-1947)
 Andrea Sacchi (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Sacheri (Italian painter)
 Master of Saint Francis (Italian painter)
 Paolo Sala (Italian painter, 1859-1924)
 Pietro Saltini (Italian painter)
 Alessandro Salucci (Italian painter)
 Francesco Salviati , aka Francesco de' Rossi (Italian painter)
 Matteo Sandona (Italian painter)
 Giuliano da Sangallo (Italian sculptor)
 Pio Sanquirico (Italian painter, 1847-1900)
 Rubens Santoro (Italian painter, 1859-1942)
 Master of San Torpè (Italian painter)
 Carlo Saraceni (Italian painter)
 Andrea del Sarto , aka Andrea d'Agnolo di Francesco di Luca di Paolo del Migliore (Italian painter)
 Giulio Aristide Sartorio (Italian painter, 1860-1932)
 Giovanni Salvi da Sassoferrato , aka Giovanni Salvi (Italian painter)
 Alfonso Savini (Italian painter)
 Alberto Savinio (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo (Italian painter)
 Dalmasio Scannabecchi (Italian painter)
 Bartolomeo Schedoni (Italian painter)
 Andrea Schiavone (Italian painter)
 Felice Schiavoni (Italian painter, 1803-1881)
 Paolo Schiavo , aka di Stefano (Italian painter)
 Pietro Scopetta (Italian painter)
 Pietro Scoppetta (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Segantini (Italian painter, 1858-1899)
 Alcide Segoni (Italian painter)
 Jacopo da Sellaio (Italian painter)
 Lino Selvatico (Italian painter)
 Luigi Selvatico (Italian painter, 1873-1938)
 Giovanni Serodine (Italian painter)
 Gino Severini (Italian painter, 1883-1966)
 Rinaldo da Siena (Italian painter)
 Luca Signorelli (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Signorini (Italian painter)
 Giuseppe Signorini (Italian painter, 1857-1932)
 Telemaco Signorini (Italian painter, 1835-1901)
 Ferdinando Silvani (Italian painter)
 Amedeo Simonetti (Italian painter, 1874-1922)
 Ettore Simonetti (Italian painter, 1857-1909)
 Gustavo Simoni (Italian painter, 1846-1926)
 Francesco Simonini (Italian painter)
 Mario Sironi (Italian painter)
 Ardengo Soffici (Italian painter, 1879-1964)
 Andrea Solario (Italian painter)
 Andrea Soldi (Italian painter, 1703-1771)
 Francesco Solimena (Italian painter)
 Raffaello Sorbi (Italian painter, 1844-1931)
 Giovanni Sottocornola (Italian painter, 1855-1917)
 Leonello Spada (Italian painter)
 Armando Spadini (Italian painter, 1883-1925)
 Louis Sparre (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Stanchi Dei Fiori , aka Dei Fiori (Italian painter)
 Massimo Stanzione (Italian painter)
 Luigi Steffani (Italian painter)
 Carlo Stragliati (Italian painter, 1868-1925)
 Master of the Straus Madonna (Italian painter)
 Carlo Striccoli (Italian painter)
 Bernardo Strozzi (Italian painter)
 Andrea Taernier (Italian painter)
 Raffaele Tafuri (Italian painter)
 Cesare Tallone (Italian painter, 1853-1919)
 Filippo Tarchiani (Italian painter)
 Enrico Tarenghi (Italian painter)
 Fulvio Tessitore (Italian painter)
 Giandomenico Tiepolo (Italian painter, 1818-1888)
 Giovanni Battista Tiepolo (Italian painter)
 Domenico Tintoretto , aka Robusti (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Tintoretto (Italian painter)
 Aurelio Tiratelli (Italian painter, 1839-1900)
 Cesare Tiratelli (Italian painter, 1864-1933)
 Guido Tirozzo (Italian painter)
 Titian , aka Tiziano Vecellio (Italian painter, 1485-1576)
 Ettore Tito (Italian painter, 1859-1941)
 Edoardo Tofano (Italian painter)
 Domenico Tojetti (Italian painter, 1806-1892)
 Virgilio Tojetti (Italian painter)
 Adolfo Tommasi (Italian painter, 1851-1933)
 Ludovico Tommasi (Italian painter, 1866-1941)
 Apollonio di Giovanni di Tommaso (Italian painter)
 Niccolò di Tommaso (Italian painter)
 Luca di Tommé (Italian painter)
 Attilio Toro (Italian painter)
 Giovanni Battista Torriglia (Italian painter, 1858-1937)
 Michele Tosini (Italian painter)
 Mario Tozzi (Italian painter)
 Gaspare Traversi (Italian painter)
 Girolamo da Travis the Younger (Italian painter)
 Francesco Trevisani (Italian painter)
 Francesco Trombadori (Italian painter)
 Cosmè Tura , aka Cosimo Tura (Italian painter)
 Alessandro Turchi , aka Alessandro Veronese and 'Orbetto' (Italian painter)
 Paolo Uccello (Italian painter)
 Italian School 13th Century Unknown (Italian painter)
 Italian School 14th Century - Unknown (Italian painter, 1870-1960)
 Italian school 15th Century - Unknown (Italian painter)
 Italian School 16th Century - Unknown (Italian painter, 1836-1901)
 Italian School 17th Century - Unknown (Italian painter, 1825-1897)
 Italian School 18th Century - Unknown (Italian painter, 1815-1882)
 Andrea Vaccaro (Italian painter)
 Perino del Vaga , aka Pietro di Giovanni Bonaccorsi (Italian painter)
 Augusto Valli (Italian painter)
 Nicola van Houbraken (Italian painter)
 Andrea di Vanni d'Andrea (Italian painter)
 Ottavio Vannini (Italian painter)
 Tanzio da Varallo (Italian painter)
 Alessandro Varotari (Italian painter)
 Giorgio Vasari (Italian painter)
 Antonio Maria Vassallo (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Palma il Vecchio (Italian painter)
 Felice Vellan (Italian painter)
 Bartolomeo Veneto (Italian painter)
 Domenico Veneziano (Italian painter)
 Lorenzo Veneziano (Italian painter)
 Paolo Veneziano (Italian painter)
 Liberali di Jacomo da Verona (Italian painter)
 Bonifazio Veronese , aka Bonifazio de' Pitati/Bonifazio Veneziano (Italian painter)
 Paolo Veronese , aka Paolo Caliari (Italian painter)
 Andrea del Verrocchio (Italian painter)
 Achille Vertunni (Italian painter, 1826-1897)
 Master of Verucchio (Italian painter)
 Umberto Veruda (Italian painter)
 Renzo Vespignani (Italian painter)
 Domenico Maria Viani (Italian painter)
 Jacopo Vignali (Italian painter)
 Gennaro Villani (Italian painter)
 Francesco Vinea (Italian painter, 1845-1902)
 Adolfo Feragutti Visconti (Italian painter)
 Eugenio Viti (Italian painter)
 Alvise Vivarini , aka Luigi Vivarini (Italian painter)
 Antonio Vivarini (Italian painter)
 Bartolommeo Vivarini (Italian painter)
 Pierto Volpes (Italian painter, 1830-1891)
 Vincenzo Volpe (Italian painter)
 Daniele da Volterra , aka Daniele Ricciarelli (Italian painter)
 Valentino White (Italian painter)
 Carlo Wostry (Italian painter, 1865-1943)
 Erma Zago (Italian painter)
 Eugenio Zampighi (Italian painter, 1859-1944)
 Antonio Zanchi (Italian painter)
 Federico Zandomeneghi (Italian painter, 1841-1917)
 Arturo Zanieri (Italian painter)
 Francesco Zanin (Italian painter, 1780-1850)
 Alessandro Zezzos (Italian painter, 1848-1914)
 Guglielmo Zocchi (Italian painter, 1874-?)
 Venanzio Zolla (Italian painter)
 Fausto Zonaro (Italian painter, 1854-1929)
 Marco Zoppo (Italian painter)
 Francesco Zuccarelli (Italian painter)
 Antonio Zucchi (Italian painter)