François Gérard
(French, 1770 - 1837)
This person is associated with: Neoclassicism

French Neoclassical Painter.

Born and raised in Rome, he moved to Paris in 1780. His father pushed him in the workshop of Pajou, a famous sculptor, but Gérard was more inclined to painting, so he became a pupil of David.

He failed at the Prix de Rome in 1789 against his friend Girodet for Joseph Recognized by his Brothers. He still went to Rome in order to go back to his "roots" but had to leave because the revolutionary government seized the properties of those who had left the country.

At his return, he was protected by his former master until success came. Indeed, at the turn of the century, Gérard became the leading portrait painter of the most important people in Europe.

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Name:François Gérard
Dates:1770 - 1837
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1837).

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