Jean Thierry the Younger
(French, 1669 - 1739)
Portrait of Jean Thierry, Sculptor
by Nicolas de Largillière
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French rococo sculptor from Lyon. He trained under Antoine Coysevox and Nicolas Costou.

He was admitted in the Academy on 31 December 1717; his reception piece was Leda and the Swan, which is also his most famous work.

As he went in Spain during the 1720's, he did not have a great career in France and only became adjunct professor on 30 October 1721. Indeed, he left France just after this promotion at the request of King Philip V, who commissioned him his most important works for the gardens of the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso, near Segovia. He came back in 1728 and retired in his native city, where he died on 20 December 1739.

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Name:Jean Thierry the Younger
Dates:1669 - 1739
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