Noël-Nicolas Coypel III
(French, 1690 - 1734)
Bust of Noël-Nicolas Coypel
by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne
This person is associated with: Rococo

French rococo painter. He was the second son of Noël Coypel, with whom he trained, half-brother of Antoine Coypel, and uncle of Charles-Antoine Coypel.

He was appointed academician on 29 November 1720; his reception piece was The Abduction of Amyone by Neptune.

His masterpiece was The Rape of Europa, which nevertheless failed at a special contest held in 1727 by the Academy between ten of its members to encourage history painting. Coypel had perhaps painted the best work, but the prize was given to François Lemoyne and Jean-François de Troy.

His career did not follow the same path as the other members of the family and he was only appointed adjunct professor on 27 October 1731 and professor on 31 December 1733. Certainly, his early death at 44, on 14 December 1734, prevented him from going farther in the academic hierarchy, but Noël-Nicolas Coypel did not really seek for success and never exhibited in the Salon after his failure at the special contest. For this reason, he still remains today as the least known of the Coypels, whereas he was probably the most talented.

He was notably the master to Chardin.

Name:Noël-Nicolas Coypel III
Dates:1690 - 1734
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