Joseph Marie Vien
(French, 1716 - 1809)
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French neoclassical painter.

After his training by Natoire, he won the Prix de Rome in 1743 for David se résigne à la volonté du Seigneur, qui a frappé son royaume de la peste. The discovery of Pompeii happened while he was in Rome and he consequently became very interested in reproducing the Antique style.

At his return in France his style was in contradiction to the prevalent Rococo, but he was nevertheless admitted in the Academy and taught to many students (including David and Vincent) what was yet to become Neoclassicism. He was indeed one of the first painters of this new art movement, like Mengs in Italy and Germany.

He enjoyed a very successful career, being appointed academician in 1756, then director of the French Academy in Rome (1775-1781) and Premier Peintre du Roi in 1789. Napoleon rewarded the "father of French Neoclassicism" by making him senator in 1799.

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Name:Joseph Marie Vien
Dates:1716 - 1809
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1809).

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