Jacopo Amigoni
(Italian, 1682 - 1752)
This person is associated with: Rococo

Italian Rococo painter, working principally in Venice.

Amigoni became very famous in his city for his mythological paintings in the Rococo manner. This success led him to travel all around Europe to meet new and rich patrons. Therefore he frequently worked in Bavaria in the 1720's and also made a trip to Paris. But his most important travel was in England, where he lived all along the 1730's. Indeed, English aristocrats were fond of his portraits and he even advised Canaletto to come there to satisfy their greed of Italian paintings.

He later returned in Italy, working in Venice and Naples. In 1747, King Ferdinand VI called him to Madrid and appointed him director of the Royal Academy of Saint Fernando. He died there in 1752.

Name:Jacopo Amigoni
Dates:1682 - 1752
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1752).