Meindert Hobbema, aka Meindert Lubbertsz. Hobbema
(Dutch, 1638 - 1709)
This person is associated with: Dutch Golden Age

Dutch Golden Age painter (Amsterdam, baptised 31 October 1638 - Amsterdam, 7 December 1709).

Dutch painter born and died in Amsterdam. His paintings used to be confused with those of Jacob van Ruisdael, with whom he closely resembles in his many landscapes.  Hobbema combines a realistic treatment of physical objects with a perceptive study of light in order to create landscapes which were unique in their sense of reality and freshness. The clear, cool light that pervades his fields and forests, the richness and subtlety of his colour, the thoroughness of his observation, and the ability to combine independent objects into a complete whole make his landscapes far more than mere studies of nature.Approaching landscapes as a ‘Romanticist’ he found in nature a source of emotional stimulation for the human mind.

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Name:Meindert Hobbema
Dates:1638 - 1709
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J. Paul Getty Museum - Los Angeles(United States - Los Angeles)2 artworks

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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1709).

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