Howard Tangye
(Australian, ?)
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Australian born artist Howard Tangye is a contemporary figurative artist who is best known for his portraits created in a mixture of pastels, water colour, and ink. His works are characterized by fluid lines that suggest movement and depth of character, as Tangye is able to perfectly capture his subject’s personality with only a few strokes of his pen. Tangye’s background is in fashion, having completed a degree at Central Saint Martins before carrying out a post-graduate degree at Parsons School of Design in New York. Tangye is now a senior lecturer and director of Womenswear on the BA Fashion course at Central Saint Martins, and has worked with some of the most renowned designers in the fashion world, drawing collections for Dior and John Galliano. His beautifully ephemeral drawings find similarities to Egon Scheiele’s work, as both artists are noted for the intensity and expressiveness of their portraits. Tangye captures the essence of his subjects with twisted lines and a careful use of colour, teasing the viewer with the promise of something more. The fragility with which he depicts his subjects is what makes them so intriguing, as their positions suggest that there is a shy romanticism beyond what the viewer is allowed to see. Best stated by Tangye himself, “[drawing is] a bit like falling in love, but unrequited.” The famed Victoria & Albert Museum has recently purchased a selection of works by Tangye for their permanent collection. Tangye’s work was most recently featured in the inaugural issue of A Magazine Curated By Stephen Jones, in Art Wednesday, and in the fall 2012 issue of DASH magazine (Source, HUS Gallery London)
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