Louis Jean François Lagrenée, aka Lagrenée the Elder
(French, 1724 - 1805)
by Louis Jean François Lagrenée
This person is associated with: Neoclassicism
French painter, elder brother of Jean-Jacques Lagrenée. He trained in Carle Van Loo's workshop.

He won the Prix de Rome in 1749 for Joseph Recounting his Dreams to the Pharaoh .

He became associate of the French Academy on 8 September 1754, then academician on 31 May 1755; his reception piece was The Abduction of Deianeira by the Centaur Nessus. He later enjoyed a successful career, being appointed adjunct professor on 29 April 1758, then professor on 2 October 1762, adjunct rector from 7 July 1781 to 26 April 1783, rector from 3 September 1785 to 30 January 1790 and director of the French Academy in Rome (1781-1787).

He also became a Russian academician and the First painter of Catherine II during his stay in Russia between 1760 and 1763.

Like Vien, his style was a cross between Rococo and Neoclassicism; he mixed the sensuality of the former with the purity of the latter. Their followers - like David - painted in a much more severe and "cold" way.

His favourite subject seemed to be Roman Charity as he painted it several times. A Prolific artist, he produced 457 artworks; many of them were executed on small copper panels which often come up at auctions.

He was the master to his younger brother and to the painter Peyron.

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Name:Louis Jean François Lagrenée
Dates:1724 - 1805
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Private collection45 artworks
Musée du Louvre(France - Paris)8 artworks
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Museo Nacional del Prado(Spain - Madrid)2 artworks
Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NY(United States - New York)2 artworks
Princeton University Art Museum(United States - Princeton, New Jersey)2 artworks
Château de Fontainebleau(France - Fontainebleau)2 artworks
Allen Memorial Art Museum - Oberlin, OH(United States - Oberlin)2 artworks
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen(France - Caen)1 artworks
Detroit Institute of the Arts(United States - Detroit)1 artworks

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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1805).

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