Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
(Italian, 1696 - 1770)
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Italian Rococo painter from Venice who trained under Gregorio Lazzarini.

Tiepolo was one of the most celebrated artists of the 18th century and received invitations to many European courts. A prolific artist, he produced over 800 paintings - not to mention frescos - and about 2400 drawings. He was particularly celebrated for his ceilings of palaces in Venice and Madrid and for the decorations he created for the Residenz in Würzburg, Germany. .

Imitating Giaquinto, he moved to Madrid at the request of the King of Spain and superseded Giaquinto as Court Painter.

He was the leader of Italian Rococo, which was less frivolous than its French counterpart, being more focused on biblical and historical subjects, as a continuation of the Baroque style.

He was the master to his son Giandomenico Tiepolo.


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Name:Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Dates:1696 - 1770
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1770).

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