Carle Van Loo, aka Charles-André van Loo
(French, 1705 - 1765)
by Carle Van Loo
This person is associated with: Rococo

French Rococo painter, son of painter Louis-Abraham Vanloo (1653-1712) and younger brother of Jean-Baptiste Vanloo (1684-1745), who trained him.

He won the Prix de Rome in 1724 for Jacob purifying his house before leaving to Bethel.

He enjoyed a very successful career at his return: appointed academician in 1738, then governor of the École des Éleves Protégés in 1749, rector of the Academy in 1754, premier Peintre du Roi in 1762, and director of the Academy in 1763.

Carle Vanloo mostly painted history works, which he adapted to fit into Rococo standards.

He trained François-Hubert Drouais and the Kasseler-Tischbein.

Name:Carle Van Loo
Dates:1705 - 1765
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1765).