František Kaván
(1866 - 1941)

František Kaván (1866-1941)was born in Lhota Víckovská (near Jíčín). After school he attended renewed Landscaping Academy in Prague (1889) under professor Julis Mařák.He stayed here until 1896.Professor Mařák had about 20 students and during his short activity at Academy until his death arose new generations of painters which is now called 'Mařák school'.Mr.Mařák practiced painting in 'plein air'.He often traveled with his pupils out from Prague to Bechyně,Okoř and the other places for interesting landscape motifs. From Marak school are now highly esteemed painters like Slavíček,Kaván,Kalvoda,Lebeda,Engelmüller,Ullmann,Honsa and others.

František Kavan´s stay during his career: 1900-1904 Železnice 1904-1906 Vítanov - 1st sojourn 1906-1909 Nová Ves nad Popelkou 1909-1922 Vítanov - 2nd sojourn 1922-1925 Libuň 1925-1930 Trhová Kamenice (near Vítanov) 1930-1941 Libuň

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Name:František Kaván
Dates:1866 - 1941
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1941).

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