Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann
(Polish, 1819 - 1881)
Self-Portrait in front of the Easel
by Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann
A Danish painter born in Poland from German parents, her full name being Anna Maria Elisabeth Lisinska Jerichau-Baumann.

Born Zoliborz (Jolibord, Warsaw) 1819 – d. Copenhagen 1881.

In 1869-1870, Jerichau-Baumann traveled extensively in the Eastern Mediterranean (Constantinople) and Middle-East (Egypt), and again in 1874-1875, to Greece, Constantinople and Italy, accompanied by her son Harald Jerichau.

You can download a (valuable but incomplete) list of the artworks by Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann here (PDF, texts in Danish).

Literary works by Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann:

Ungdomserindringer (Youthful Memories), Copenhagen: Woldikes 1874.
Til Erindring om Harald Jerichau (In Memory of Harald Jerichau), Copenhagen 1879.
Brogede rejsebilleder (Motley Travel Pictures), Copenhagen 1881 (with 20 illustrations by the author and her son, Harald).

Excerpts from Jerichau-Baumann's Oriental travels (the Brogede rejsebilleder) are accessible in this modern Danish anthology of Danish travel writers: Adam Holm & Anders Jerichow (eds.): Orientalske rejser. Danskeres oplevelser blandt beduiner, haremskvinder og sultaner 1755-1946, Copenhagen 2010, p. 144 ff.

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Entry in the Kunstindeks Danmark (Art Index Denmark)

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Name:Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann
Dates:1819 - 1881
Self Portraits
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