Luis de Morales
(Spanish, 1520 - 1586)

Born circa 1509/1520 in Badajoz, near the border with Portugal. He had a distinctive style that was very different from the Court painters at the time. He concentrated on relatively small devotional images that had an intense spirituality. The piety of his work has earned him the name 'El Divino'. His style derived to some extent from Netherlandish art but the misty aspect of his modelling is more in tune with Florentine art and especially that of Leonardo da Vinci.

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Name:Luis de Morales
Dates:1520 - 1586
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Museo Nacional del Prado(Spain - Madrid)3 artworks
The State Hermitage Museum - St Petersburg(Russian Federation - St. Petersburg)2 artworks
Museu Nacional d'Arte de Catalunya - Barcelona(Spain - Barcelona)2 artworks
Private collection2 artworks
Hispanic Society of America - New York City(United States - New York City)1 artworks
Pollok House - Glasgow(United Kingdom - Glasgow)1 artworks
Kingston Lacy - National Trust(United Kingdom - Wimborne Minster)1 artworks
Fundacion Banco Santander - Madrid(Spain - Madrid)1 artworks
Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando(Spain - Madrid)1 artworks
National Gallery - London(United Kingdom - London)1 artworks
Ashmolean Museum - University of Oxford(United Kingdom - Oxford)1 artworks

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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1586).

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