Antonio Machado y Ruiz
(Spanish, 1875 - 1939)
Antonio Machado
by Alejandro Cabeza

Antonio Machado, in full Antonio Machado y Ruiz (born July 26, 1875, Sevilla, Spain—died February 22, 1939, Collioure, France), outstanding Spanish poet and playwright of Spain’s Generation of ’98.

Machado received a doctoral degree in literature in Madrid, attended the Sorbonne, and became a secondary school French teacher. He rejected the modernism of his contemporaries and adopted what he called “eternal poetry,” which was informed more by intuition than by intellect. Three stages can be distinguished in his artistic evolution. The first, typified by the poems in Soledades (1903; “Solitudes”) and Soledades, galería

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Name:Antonio Machado y Ruiz
Dates:1875 - 1939
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