Jean Daret
(Belgian, 1614 - 1668)
Self Portrait
by Jean Daret
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Flemish Baroque painter.

Born in Brussels, Jean Daret moved to Paris in 1633, then to Rome, where he added a classical touch to his style until then influenced by Caravaggio. His style remained influenced by these two different schools and cannot be classified precisely.

He returned in France in 1636 and settled in Aix, Provence. He quickly became the most famous artist of the city thanks to his frescos in the residences of the local aristocracy. While travelling in southern France, young Louis XIV made a stop in the Hotel of Châteaurenard, decorated by Daret, and was so impressed by the stairway that he appointed him court painter.

Daret was therefore admitted to the French Academy of Painting in 1663.

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Name:Jean Daret
Dates:1614 - 1668
Self Portraits
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1668).

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