Václav Radimský
(Czech, 1867 - 1946)

Václav Radimský was born on 1867 in small village Pašinka near Kolín. After school he attended Eduard von Linchtenfel´ s private school in Vienna and stayed some time at the Academy in Munich (Eduard Schleich´s studio). In 1888 he set off for France.According family informations Radimský got to know Paul Cézanne in Paris and shared studio with him.Cézanne was then apparently to have introduced Radimský to Monet. In 1891 Radimsky settled in Barbizon where he had opportunity of becoming acquainted with French Impressionist painting,especially the paintings of Claude Monet and Camille Pissarro,who became his exemplars. Then he settled in Giverny and finally he bought unused mill called La Bergamotte in Le Goule(near town Vernon) further downstream of the river Seine.He rebuilt the mill and created here his own studio.He had boat moored on the Seine,which he used as a floating studio and which apparently from time to time painted together with Claude Monet.He married Louise Fromont from Vernom. It could be said that Radimsky was in France succesful.In 1894 he exhibited at Paris Salon and he was the youngest painter ever at the time to received an award. In 1895 he exhibited in Rouen and in 1900 at the Paris World Exposition. He stayed in touch with home.At the exhibitions he provided Czech public with their first informations about Impressionism.He often liked to paint series of paintings of one place at different time of the day and year from different angles and distance. After First World War he returned to Czechoslovakia on the family estate near Kolin,where he lived and worked until his death in 1946.In Bohemia in the second part of his career he remained isolated for keeping to tradition of Impressionism. Czech painting including his contemporaries,had already turned towards a different,newer form of expression.Until his death he concentrated on painting of the river Labe and close river countryside. Note:

Some info was drawn from Summary of his monograph by Naděžda Blažíčková-Horová,published in Arbor Vitae with support the Kodl Gallery.

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Name:Václav Radimský
Dates:1867 - 1946
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