Simon Kozhin, aka Simeon Kojin
(Russian, 1979)
Born in 1979 in Moscow. 1998 Graduated from the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum. Got MA in 2004 the Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. : Works in the style of realism, the wide range of interests: historical painting, portrait, still life, landscape, illustration, took part in 50 Russian and Intl. exhibitions, repeatedly exhibited work in London Gallery COLLYER-BRISTOL, as well as in Washington (USA), Dublin (Ireland), San Moritz (Switzerland), works are in private collections in Russia and abroad, one of the works are in collections painting of Buckingham Palace; party Russian and foreign auctions in 2008 received a grant from the "Cultural Heritage" for the skill in the art; Pb.: in 2007 issued a catalog of works, which included 234 works (circulation of 750 pcs.) published illustrations of the Grimm fairy tale "Rapunzel" in the journal. TALES in London (2004) and published by Russian Mission "(2005), illustrations for the book" Luciano Pavarotti "in Korea (published by Montessori, 2005), work in the release of" Thousand of Russian Artists "(2006) and" History Painting "(2009 Publishing House "White City"), in 2009 released "Monograph of creativity" in the series: "Masters of painting. Russian artists" (119 illustrations)Member of Moscow Union of Artists Union of Russia, member of the International Arts Fund E-mail:; Website:; From Encyclopedia HÜBNERS WHO IS WHO Russia
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