Laurent de La Hyre
(French, 1606 - 1656)
This person is associated with: Baroque, Classicism

French classical painter.

He studied under Georges Lallemant. Like Le Sueur, with whom he shared many similarities, he never moved to Italy as was customary at the time.

In La Hyre's younger years, his works were influenced by Caravaggio, but he later switched his dark palette to much clearer colours. Indeed, along with Le Sueur, he became the leader of Atticism, a French school active in the middle of the century within classicism, which aimed to go further than Poussin in reproducing the purity of the Antique style, with the addition of bright Venetian colours. However, the movement did not outlive the death of Le Sueur in 1655 and of La Hyre the following year. In the last decade of his life, he also painted landscapes with ruins in the manner of Claude Lorrain.

He was one of the twelve founding members of the French Academy of Painting on 1 February 1648 (directly appointed professor).

He taught painting to Jean-Baptiste Martin.

Name:Laurent de La Hyre
Dates:1606 - 1656
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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1656).