Gaspard Dughet
(French, 1615 - 1675)
This person is associated with: Baroque, Classicism

Although considered a member of the French School of painting owing to his father's French nationality, Dughet was born and died in Rome and spent all his life in and near that city.  He studied with Nicolas Poussin from 1631 to 1635 and to whom his sister was married.  He painted in and around Rome and was particularly drawn to the rugged landscape of Tivoli.  He has a close likeness in style to Claude Lorrain but also to his brother-in-law, Poussin.

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Name:Gaspard Dughet
Dates:1615 - 1675
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National Gallery - London(United Kingdom - London)7 artworks
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Musée Condé - Chantilly(France - Chantilly)2 artworks
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Musée Ingres(France - Montauban)2 artworks

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This person died over 70 years ago (in 1675).

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