Afonso I, aka Mvemba a Nzinga or Nzinga Mbemba
(Congo, c. 1460 - 1543)
  • Ruler of the Kongo Empire (1509-1543) as fifth king of the Kongo-dynasty

The next manikongo, Afonso I (reigned 1509-15–43), was raised as a Christian and attempted to convert the kingdom to Christianity and European ways. However, the Portuguese residents in Kongo were primarily interested in increasing their private fortunes (especially through capturing Africans and selling them into slavery), and, despite the attempts of King Manuel I of Portugal to channel the efforts of his subjects into constructive projects, the continued rapaciousness of the Portuguese played a major part in weakening the kingdom and reducing the hold of the capital (renamed São Salvador) over the provinces.

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Name:Afonso I
Dates:c. 1460 - 1543
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