Jose Eduardo dos Santos
(Angolan, 1942)
  • President of Angola (1979)

Born: August 28, 1942, in Luanda Education: Degrees in petroleum engineering and radar communications, USSR (1963-70). Military Service: Enlisted in guerrilla army of Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), 1962. Occupation:Politician Political Career: MPLA representative in Yugoslavia and Congo 1970-74; Elected to MPLA Central Committee 1974; Foreign minister 1975-79; first vice prime minister 1975-78; Selected leader of MPLA party and president 1979-present; Signed peace agreement with rebel leader Jonas Savimbi 1991; Instituted multiparty system 1992. Office: Office of the President, Palacio do Povo, P.O. Box R 1 Setembro, Luanda, Peoples Republic of Angola

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Name:Jose Eduardo dos Santos
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