Liamine Zeroual
(Algerian, 1941)

(1941- ) President of Algeria (1994- 1999). Zeroual was appointed president by the Haut comté de l'Etat, for a temporary period, and it was intended that he remained in this position until public elections were held. When these elections came around at November 28, 1996, it was Zeroual that was elected. Zeroual's background is military, and he had a postion as general until his appointment as president. He is seen upon as a hardliner in the meeting with the Islamist groups, even if his government were in talks with the leaders of the FIS. Following that the new constitution of Algeria received ¾ of the votes, he had a democratic mandate to keep out all political groups that define themselves from religious and ethnic orientations. Zeroual resigned form power in connection with the democratic elections (if not open for all candidats) of Algeria in 1999. He was succeed by Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

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