Emma F. T. Perry, aka nee Taylor
(American, 1874 - 1957)

Born to Joseph and Emma (Burford) Taylor, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Marrying Ernest Justin Perry in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania, she then lived most of her life in Greenville or Sharon, both of Mercer County, Pennsylvania. She was active in the art community of Greenville and displayed her work in group shows there, a newspaper article mentions her piece 'American Beauty' and others, her son and daughter-in-law owned 'A Girl in a Grove' a prayerful piece (until their deaths in Florida in the 1970's - owner now unknown), her granddaughter owns her 'Fruit Still Life' oil on board and the piece of 'Jesus Walking on Rose Petals Lain by Mary' oil on board and her 'Girl and Cow' oil on canvas abt 24x36 c. 1920 (original titles and dates unknown). Also, her pieces with 'Pansies' as a theme, oil on board, have survived and are owned by her granddaughter. She signed her paintings, but they appear to be unsigned because her initials are anagrammed as her signature (EFTP) and always hidden in foilage. A member of the Church of Christ, Fredonia, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, she was a devout Christian and painted religious and uplifting subjects as well as landscape, floral and figurative pieces. As a farmers wife, milking the cow, sewing the mens shirts and other duties took much time away from her painting. When widowed in 1932, she then supported herself with her paintings, through a Mr. Butler, by then she had nearly completed raising her three children, Winifred the eldest (married in 1925), Delmos and Travis the youngest. She died in the summer of 1957 in a hospital in Meadville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Her daughter Winifred, then owning her mothers paintings, had a number of them placed with Mr. Butler, there is a letter that tells us she was having problems getting paid for the paintings, although it does not spell out which ones or other details.

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Name:Emma F. T. Perry
Dates:1874 - 1957
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