Mabel Norman Cerio
(American, 1875 - 1949)

She was an exceptional portrait painter.  Besides the portrait of Maud Howe Elliott in the Newport Art Association a portrait of her brother Bradford Norman hangs in the Newpor Reading Room.  She was a prolific portrait painter but all of the paintings were ultimately given to the subjects.  In 1914 she copied a Titian "Sacred and Profane Love" in the Villa Borghese.  She used the same technique of glazes that was used by the Old Master.  The original has a one inch black band painted around it.  The Director of the Museum asked her to delete it from her painting saying it could be thought a master copy.  The painting now hangs in the Santa Barbara home of her daughter Tamara Kinsell.  She excelled particularly in line drawings - her pencil portraits are like photographs.  A collection of these drawings are in the London home of her granddaughter Marina Mazur.

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Name:Mabel Norman Cerio
Dates:1875 - 1949
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