Anselm Feuerbach
(German, 1829 - 1880)
by Anselm Feuerbach

Painter of portraits, history scenes and landscapes. His family moved to Freiburg in 1836 and from 1845 to 1848 he was a pupil of Wilhelm von Schadow, Johann Wilhelm Schirmer and Carl Friedrich Lessing at the Dusseldorf Academy. In 1848 he moved to Munich where he copied the old masters at the Pinakothek. In 1850 he studied with the history painter Gustaaf Wappers at Antwerp and in 1851 and 1852 he stayed in Paris. He moved to Karlsruhe and then to Rome, where he stayed from 1856 tot 1873.

In Italy he was one of the "Deutschroemer" who were looking for the perfect synthesis between humans and culture. His paintings are not as dramatic of those of Boecklin, they tend to be far more calm and cool. In Rome he met the model Nanna Risi who became his lover. His future biographer Julius Allgeyer introduced him to Graf Adolf Friedrich von Schack, who supported Feuerbach financially. Feuerbach became a Professor at the Academy in Vienna (1873-1876). After staying in Venice and Nuernberg he died in solitary circumstances, completely neglected by his contemporaries. Feuerbach was buried close to Duerers grave at the Sankt-Johannis Friedhof, Nuernberg.

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Name:Anselm Feuerbach
Dates:1829 - 1880
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