Harthacnut, aka Canut III
(English, c. 1018 - 1042)
  • King of Denmark (1035-1042)
  • King of England (1040-1042)

Harthacnut took the throne of Denmark at the death of his father Canute, in 1035. He was also the rightful heir to England's throne, but was prevented from coming there to claim it. Meanwhile, his illegitimate half-brother, Harold Harefoot, was made king in 1037. Hardicanute launched an expedition to claim the throne, but Harold died before he could arrive. Upon his arrival in England, he was elected king. Thereupon, he levied a punishing "fleet-tax" on the people to pay for the expenses of his unnecessary expedition. He was personally disliked and his reign was short and unsuccessful. He died of convulsions at a drinking party in June, 1042 from http://www.britannia.com

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Dates:c. 1018 - 1042
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