Pierre-Maurice Quays
(French, c. 1779 - c. 1803)
Portrait of Maurice Quay
by Henri-Fran├žois Riesener
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French neoclassical painter. His dates are not known precisely.

Even though we do not know any of his works, Quays had an important role at the turn of the 19th century. He indeed was an influential student in the prolific workshop of the greatest painter of the time: Jacques-Louis David. Apparently, he was his first assistant so he might have painted several works which should currently be labelled as 'unknown' in French museums.

Quays led some of his classmates to create a kind of a sect, named the Bearded ones ("les Barbus'). They wanted to go farther in imitating Antique art, especially the pure lines of Greek pottery. They even considered that their master was only a 'step' in their quest. Quays and his followers were fired from David's workshop after they had criticized his Sabines. They later ceased to paint and lived like hermits, without shaving (hence their name), wearing ancient costumes and eating vegetarian. Quays died very young in 1802 or 1803 and the sect disbanded but the career of its members never recovered from this experience.

Quays is said to have designed the word "Rococo" to qualify with disgust the art of Boucher and Fragonard.

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Name:Pierre-Maurice Quays
Dates:c. 1779 - c. 1803
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